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Random J-Rock Updates #7

November 15, 2008

Annnnnnnnnnnd.  I thought I would do another one of these things while I had the chance.  If you have news you want me to post send it to me!

-shing02 supports Barack Obama.

-Dir en grey’s video for “Dozing Green” premiered on Headbangers Ball.

-Winnie’s new mini-album Headquarter will come out January 14.

-You can download the lyric booklet for girugamesh’s MUSIC over at JapanFiles, for free.

-Vuzz Vegas Queen has their demo album up on myspace to stream.

-The Slants have a new remix of “Love Within My Sins” on myspace.  It is from their new album Slants Slants Revolution, a remix album by DJ Ninja Gaijin and Justin Coope.

-8otto also has some new remixes up on myspace.

-This Month in J-Rock: October should be done by next Friday.  Sorry!

-Peelander-Z participated in a cool art jam.  They also have a 7″ with Loafass coming out soon.


An Cafe- Goku-Tama Rock Cafe

Dir en grey- Uroboros


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