Hello everyone. Nice to meet you. We are ミドリ.

May 28, 2008

Over the weekend I was able to track down midori’s new album “‘Aratame Mashite, Hajime Mashite, Midori Desu.” More of the same really but when it comes to midori–EPIC. I’m not going to write a review as I’ve already wrote about them but they basically sound like Tokyo Jihen but with a lot more energy and chick screaming. It’s also important to note that the band is now a four-piece with Keigo Iwami on bass, slightly expanding their musical territory. The following video is for the second song on the album “Yukiko-san.” I’m not quite sure what the lyrics are talking about but all I hear is the word “DESTROY!” followed by “Cutey Honey,” an old Go Nagai anime. Does this mean the band has a vendetta against Cutey Honey or perhaps a message they would never sell out and create an anime theme song? Most likely I’m reading into this too much. It probably doesn’t mean anything. :shrugs:

edit: Youtube deleted video after I published. You can watch a clip here.

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