alis del lotton ROY’ symphonica orchesto

November 18, 2009

Since I have no plans to bring back Random J-Rock Updates, I decided to take something from it to make a weekly feature–myspace band of the week.  Same rules apply.  These are bands that don’t have much material or a PV to share, but have still impressed me with a song or two on myspace.  You have given me your song and now here’s your sandwich.

myspace band of the week

Alis del lotton ROY’ symphonica orchesto is a 3-piece “genre-less” band.  If you’re wondering what their tongue-twister name is all about, Alis Del Lotton is the queen of their fantasy land and they are her royal symphony orchestra.  Yeah, seriously.    The lead singer/guitarist/cutie Momoko and pianist Yanigisawa have practiced classical piano since at least the age of 4, which plays a heavy component in their songs.  Their music ranges from fuzzed-out acid trips to standard coffeehouse rock ala Norah Jones/Sara Bareilles.  Their debut mini-album New Morning comes out November 25 via Theory&Practice Records.  “Beautiful Stranger” is my jam.


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