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October 3, 2013

03 Crossfaith- Apocalze (Omega/Video)

04 Arukara- Munimuni no Ki (CD Japan/Video)

04 the chef cooks me- Kaitentai (CD Japan/Video)

04 Crossfaith- Apocalze (CD Japan/Video)

04 Easy Grip- Easy Grip (CD Japan/Video)

04 Frontier Backyard- Fifth (CD Japan/Video)

04 Fuzzy Control- Rocks (CD Japan/Video)

04 Galneryus- The Ironhearted Flag (CD Japan/Video)

04 Kameleo- Dame Otoko / Gomennasai! (CD Japan/Video)

04 the milky tangerine- sympacity (Video)

04 Mowmow Lulu Gyaban- LoVe SHouT! (CD Japan/Video)

04 Peigy- 20 (Video)

04 Plastic Tree- Doko (CD Japan/Video)

04 Rie Fu- Rie Fu Sings The Carpenters (CD Japan/Video)

04 Ropes- Usurebi (CD Japan/Video)

04 Run Run Runs- Run Run Runs (CD Japan/Video)

04 Shishido Kavka- Kavkanize (CD Japan/Video)

04 TESLA doesn’t know how to cry.- Anderson (CD Japan/Video)

04 Vampillia- Endless Summer (Jet Set/Video)

06 haruka nakamura (CD Japan/Video)

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Keep It Together Releases Two New J-Rock Cassettes!

October 3, 2013


Good news for all you people who still have cassette players. Wisconsin’s Keep It Together Records have once again teamed up with Japan’s Stiff Slack Records to release two more J-Rock tapes. First up is LITE’s Installation, which was released in Japan earlier this year. Next is SZKN’s The Present, who goes by Sizukani Hisomu Hibi in Japan. Pick up both tapes for five bucks a pop here.