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Wagdug Futuristic Unity

February 20, 2008

It’s been a while since I recommended a band.  Wagdug Futuristic Unity is the new project from Hiroshi Kyono of Mad Capsule Markets.   It’s a genre which I like to call “digital hardcore,” screaming with electronic elements in the background.  His first mini-album NU ЯIOT came out last October and contained many guest appearances such as DJ Starscream from Slipknot.  Here is the music video for “ILL MACHINE (x ULTRA BRAiN)” which also appears on the Appleseed: Ex Machina OST.  


Beat Crusaders- Winterlong

January 16, 2008

“Winterlong,” the new Beat Crusaders single, comes out today in Japan. The song is used as the opening theme for the anime Jyushin Enbu- Hero Tales which is from the same creator as Fullmetal Alchemist.



November 21, 2007

Here’s this week’s release of the week.  Polysics new single “Rocket” comes out in Japan today.  It is used as the end theme song for the anime  Tales of Agriculture.  From what I gather at Anime News Network, the premise of the series is a college student who “can see and communicate with bacteria and other microorganisms.” Sounds trippy.


One-on-one with OLIVIA

July 22, 2007

Anime News Network has posted an interview with Jpop/rock star OLIVIA. She talks about her role in the anime Nana as well as fellow musician and sister, Caroline, who has made her way onto the college indie charts in America.


Geneon Records thinks I’m an idiot

June 27, 2007

during rightstuf’s recent Geneon sale, I ordered the Paranoia Agent soundtrack to complete my 10 for $50 order. So I’m flipping through the cd booklet last night and there’s this HUGE disclaimer on the first page that says

low quality sounds are often used deliberately in “Condition Boy” as per the composer’s intention. Although there are occasional noises and distortions, they are not due to the quality of this CD nor you CD player equipment.

do they honestly believe that we’re so immature that we can’t understand why a musician records music like that? This is the Paranoia Agent soundtrack for god’s sake. Do they honestly believe immature audiences would actually sit through more than a couple of episodes when it was on TV let alone buy the soundtrack? It’s not even that bad I would’ve never noticed without the “warning.” This just pissed me off and it gets even worse:

Cautions in handling CD:
-Please handle with care…
-Please wipe the disc lightly with a soft cloth…
…..Cautions in storing CD:
-Please do not store the disc in places with direct sunlight…
-Placing a heavy item on the plastic case, or dropping it will break the case and can cause injury…

What year is this? I remember coming across these “directions” every once in a while back in the mid 90s when I started buying CDs. This CD was released in America in 2005. Do they honestly think it hasn’t sunk in to the American public yet? Most of us buy blank CD-Rs and burn stuff on them and just throw them around our house, our car. I think we can all agree through trial and error that when there’s a large scratch on the underside of a CD, IT WON’T WORK. And this isn’t the first Geneon CD I own with this message, it’s plastered over the entire lower half of the first two FLCL soundtracks (which look identical btw). I don’t know how they handled their more recent soundtrack releases but I can’t help but feel like they think I’m an idiot.


Beat Crusaders acoustic

June 13, 2007

Check out two acoustic Beat Crusaders videos for “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” and “Fairy Tale.” Both songs are off their latest album EPopMaking.  Looks like Toru is a Bad Religion fan :O


new BACK-ON PV clip

May 23, 2007

BACK-ON have added a new clip for their PV “a day dreaming…” on myspace which is apparently the latest end theme for the anime Eyeshield 21. Just like their heroes, Linkin Park, they really slowed down their sound on this one, it’s almost r&b. There’s also 2 new audio clips up, “Blaze Line” and “Eyes.” All 3 songs are from their latest mini-album Blaze Line/a day dreaming… due out next month.



March 2, 2007

on the roll with the tour news today.  BACK-ON  will perform at the Anime Matsuri convention in Houston, Texas on April 28th, more information on their site.  They can best be described as the Japanese Linkin Park.  They came to popularity with their song “Chain” for the anime Air Gear.



March 2, 2007

Tofu Records and Oreskaband are hosting an ice cream social a day before their Japan Nite tour date in Austin, Texas. Oreskaband is an all female ska band who recently performed the end theme “Pinocchio” for Naruto. No word on if Tofu Records actually signed Oreskaband for America yet but it looks like a strong possibility.


SUEMITSU & THE SUEMITH- Allegro Cantabile

February 26, 2007

This is a nice piano-pop/rock song that’s used as the opening theme for the anime Nodame Cantabile.  I first heard of this band on the Mosh Pit On Disney compiliation with their cover of “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid (don’t laugh ^o^).    I’m sure that as the episodes roll on this song will get stuck in my head more frequently.