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Oreskaband- Wizard World Chicago + Warped Tour

June 3, 2008

In case you missed the memo, ORESKABAND has been confirmed as the musical guests of honor at Wizard World Chicago 2008.  The girls will hit the stage Friday night, June 27th at 7pm.  Now I’ve been going to Wizard World Chicago for the past three years and I know for a fact that we’ve never had any Japanese musical guests!  Of course they perform on Friday, when I can’t go.  Oh well you can still catch them on the Van’s Warped Tour this summer.  Tour dates on their myspace.


ORESKABAND the Musical

November 2, 2007

More details have been released regarding ORESKABAND’s movie Lock and Roll Forever. The musical feature will be produced and written by the same guys as High School Musical. Check out their myspace blog for more details.

edit: Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of the old Fox Family show S Club 7? A group of seven young British hipsters take their pop group to America in hopes of making it big. I USED TO HAVE ALL THEIR ALBUMS. *sigh* good memories.


ore! ore! ore!

August 7, 2007

Ore Ska Band’s debut US album was released today on iTunes for $9.99. All the Japanese track titles have been translated into English. 20 Tips= Tsumasaki, all I know.


1. Pantime

2. Cooler Society

3. Pinnocchio

4. Yeah! Ska Dance

5. Shall We Dance?

6. Monkey Man (Monkey Monkey Man)

7. U

8. 20 Tips

9. Good Bye Deja Vu

10 . Almond

11. Things I’ve Forgotten

12. Knife & Fork

13. Chuck


more Oreskaband album news

July 15, 2007

Oreskaband’s US debut will be released August 7th through Terry Dollar Records. The album will include their first full length album Wao!! (We Are Oreskaband!!) and the first EP Ore.  From the looks of it, this may just be a digital release, I haven’t been able to find any listings for it on amazon or smart/interpunk.  Furthermore, I haven’t been able to find so much as a website for Terry Dollar Records.  Hopefully they’ll have hard copies at their Warped Tour dates at least.


Oreskaband panal review/US release

July 1, 2007

Jonathon Mays has put up his Oreskaband panel review on AnimeNewsNetwork. They play at Anime Expo in sunny California today.  In the review they announced that their cd (I’m assuming Wao!!) will be coming out in America this summer.


Ore Ska Band- Up and Coming!

April 18, 2007

2 weeks ago I reported that Green Milk From the Planet Orange was named an “Up and Coming Artist” on and this week it’s Ore Ska Band’s turn!  You can download “the song from Naruto” here.  cheers!  I know a lot of people found this site looking for that song…


Oreskaband- Warped Tour!!

April 7, 2007

Oreskaband has been added to the following dates on the Van’s Warped Tour.

8/17 Boise, ID Idaho Center Amp
8/18 Seattle, WA Gorge Amphitheater
8/19 Portland, OR Columbia Meadows
8/22 Fresno, CA Selland Arena
8/23 Sacramento, CA Sleep Train Amphitheater Lot
8/25 Los Angeles, CA Home Depot Center

aaaaand nowhere near me as usual. Not that I’ve ever been to a Warped Tour. I should probably get on that.


Japan Nite 2007

March 2, 2007

kinda seemed natural to follow up the Oreskaband post with this.  The Japan Nite tour has been a yearly showcase to SXSW since 1996.  This year has performances from Go!Go! 7188, HY, The 50 KAITENZ, ASAKUSA JINTA, PISTOL VALVEThe Emeralds, and Oreskaband




March 2, 2007

Tofu Records and Oreskaband are hosting an ice cream social a day before their Japan Nite tour date in Austin, Texas. Oreskaband is an all female ska band who recently performed the end theme “Pinocchio” for Naruto. No word on if Tofu Records actually signed Oreskaband for America yet but it looks like a strong possibility.