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This Month In J-Rock: October 2008 (preview)

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!  I figured it may be a few weeks until I finish the actual October edition of This Month in J-Rock so I decided to make a shorter post with music videos only.   As always, I try to highlight the smaller bands.

ART-SCHOOL- “Illmatic Baby”

Comments:  I try not to use profanity on this blog, but seriously, WTF?  The video starts off as a generic band performance with bright colors going off in the background.  But then 40 seconds in, it cuts to a red-head girl licking the nipples of a manequin (who will eventually transform into a real asian male).  When we finally get to the chorus, “shake hip clap your hands move your body,” we get to see the most hilarious booty dances since Sir Mixalot’s “Baby Got Back.” Seriously, these women are quivering like a bitch in heat.  This is ART-SCHOOL’s first experiment in the dance rock/Metro Station genre.  I will admit though this song grew on me because of this horrid video.


Comments:  This band really snuck up on me.  They are on Pizza of Death Records, just like the band Asparagus and Ken Yokohama.  Simlarly, Comeback My Daughters also sing in mostly okay English.  “Hot Chinkee” is a great folk-rock rock song with a catchy chorus.  They opted for a more “artsy” video for the song that is equally apealing.

HOLSTEIN- “farewell to our memories”

Comments:  HOLSTEIN is an emotional rock band from Japan.  “Farewell to our memories” is a fairly aggressive song and reminds me of 9mm Parabellum Bullet.  The video consists of security-camera footage of the band’s practice space.  It’s a decent song but the video is oddly cut.  There’s moments where the singer is playing a trombone and the guitarist is playing the violin.  That would be nice but there is no violin or trombone on the song at all, which is disappointing.

VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE- “An imitation’s superstar”

Comments:  I really really love the intro to this song.  It’s very barbaric, just like “Mexico Pub” from their last album.  With the random purple clouds and bright oranges, the video looks like it was produced in 70s.  The singer’s awkard head nods and Micheal Jackson pelvic thrusts held my attention for an otherwise standard performance vid with some psychedelic elements.


BACK-ON 2 new singles

August 31, 2007

On September 19th, BACK-ON will release two singles, Flower and Butterfly. Flower is their 2nd end theme used for the anime Eyeshield 21 and has a r&b flavor with a pretty sweet violin in the background. Butterfly goes back to their more expected rap/rock sound with some dance elements to it. This single is the end theme for the TV drama Shinjuku Swan. Why couldn’t they save us money and release it on the same cd like they’ve done before? Who knows.


Ami Suzuki- Free Free

August 22, 2007

Another Capsule related post, Ami Suzuki’s new single Free Free/Super Music Maker came out in Japan today.  The single was produced by Capsule member Nakata Yasutaka.  Free Free is an amazingly happy song and is great to drive to.  Not to mention, Ami is hot as hell in this video.

OK enough with the Jpop more rock music next time…


Love Me Butch- Barricade

August 20, 2007

Love Me Butch have added their much anticipated video for “Barricade” on their YouTube Channel.  This is the 3rd single off their sophomore  release This Is the New Pop.


Doping Panda- Crazy

August 9, 2007

Doping Panda’s second video offering of the summer from their single Crazy released August 1st.  Crazy comes complete with ugly Micheal Jackson jackets and filmed in a house of mirrors.  Video quality- terrible but you gotta love that tiger skin rug.


the pillows- ladybird girl and hello!

August 6, 2007

the pillows have a new myspace layout and pictures.   They have also uploaded their new single “Ladybird Girl” to be released August 18th.  Nice to see them working on new material so soon after that failure of an album.


killer tune!

July 31, 2007

Tokyo Jihen’s latest PV for “Killer Tune” has hit the internets. Definitely not as catchy as the press has made it out to be or their previous single “Osca” but it does have Shiina Ringo and a little dancing at the very end. The single comes out August 22nd.



July 2, 2007

OOIOO’s newest video for Umo is a featured video on Youtube. If you don’t believe me click here 😉 Umo is on their album Taiga released last year. Very unique song.


Tokyo Jihen- OSCA

June 19, 2007

Shiina Ringo’s back with her band this summer with their new single Osca coming out mid July. There’s a lot of panty flashing in this catchy video!  In August Tokyo Jihen will be releasing another single, Killer Tune.


TOKYOPOP visits Jrock Revolution

June 19, 2007

Tokyopop has posted a short video compilation clip of the Jrock Revolution festival on their youtube account.  JRR has posted on it’s myspace blog that there is enough video footage for a dvd release.