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This Is Our Year

November 2, 2007

Love Me Butch has a new song up on their myspace player named “This Is Our Year.” The song is a collaboration with CHICOSCI, a Filipino punk-rock band. “This is one of the most FUN song we have ever written. Not angry anymore!”


Love Me Butch- Barricade

August 20, 2007

Love Me Butch have added their much anticipated video for “Barricade” on their YouTube Channel.  This is the 3rd single off their sophomore  release This Is the New Pop.



June 19, 2007

Last night I familiarized myself again with Love Me Butch’s 2005 album This Is the New Pop. LMB is a screamo/hardcore band from Malaysia and has also gained popularity in the Philippines and all across Asia.  Syrayal sings in perfectly clear English which I find abnormal in Asian bands.  You can buy the album at Interpunk though it is currently out of stock.