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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 108 End

August 23, 2013

This is it. After 4 years I’m letting J-Rock Fridays go. My warnings were not heeded and it’s time to move on. Starting next week I will start making individual video posts. Stick around, won’t you?

Arukara- 名探偵ミスタ相棒はジョニー

Arukara and their baskerville hound embark on a good old fashioned murder mystery. Do they catch the killer? I honestly have no idea but it’s cool watching them rock out in Sherlock Holmes attire.

tricot- “Oyasumi”

Hey, batter batter! Watch tricot’s lead vocalist strike out a hundred times while her bandmates cover the bases. This may take all night but keep at it, girl.

Frontier Backyard- “Picture of the Sun”

Say goodbye to cloudy days and drive on up the coast for some picture perfect scenery in Frontier’s backyard.

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Sunset Bus

August 21, 2013

myspace band of the week


Sunset Bus is a punk rock trio from Kozushima, Kansai. Satoboy (bass, vocals) formed the band in 2007 with Teppei (guitar, vocals) and Taro (drums) after his band 3.6MILK broke up. Their first mini-album Come Again was released in 2008 followed by a split EP with Choke Sleeper. Their debut album Beer Garden was released in 2012 and they released a new mini-album Happy Hour earlier this summer full of alcohol induced anthems. Reggae over to CD Japan for buys.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 107

August 16, 2013

Here it is.

Electric Lunch- 『月夜心を攫う白銀の獣現る刻彼の世界終わる』

A song title so long you would think it’s the new te’ video. Electric Lunch’s new single does have the similar math rock power of that band but with the raw emotional vocal power of Ling tosite sigure.

The Insect Kids- “Henda, Henda, Henda / Full Color”

Both of The Insect Kids’ new iTunes singles are featured in this elongated video of a man riding his bike into daylight. “Henda, Henda, Henda” adds some electronic beats that we haven’t really heard from the band before while “Full Color” sounds like it could break into a dance song at any moment if it weren’t for the melancholic guitar.

mori wa ikiteiru- “Hibi no Utakata”

A really great folk song that I missed a few weeks ago but kind of already covered months ago on band of the week. Enjoy the banjo filled, country twang of”Hibi no Utakata” while the band showcasew their record collection in the park.

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August 14, 2013

myspace band of the week


Sugar’N’spice is an all girl rock’N’roll band from Tokyo. Formed in 2006, Kyao (vocals, guitar), Tsue (guitar) and Mie (drums) met while attending Osaka University. Their first album Spangle was released in 2007, which was produced, mixed, engineered, etc. by Kyao. In 2010 they contributed two tracks to the Van Von Hunter soundtrack, a movie based off the Tokyopop OEL manga. Their newest album The Hybrid Age was released in 2012 and is available at CD Japan and iTunes.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 106

August 9, 2013

chaqq- “Amy”

Four Amys for three chaqqs. This isn’t a competition. Just watch the girls smile and dance.

Rose Noire- “Feed”

You guys know how I feel about visual kei. But damn, that violin. New track off their long out of print debut album Apocalypse to be reissued in December(!).

Soredemo Sekai ga Tsuzukunara- 「参加賞」

This is a story of a girl who is in an abusive relationship who tries to kill herself. Yeah, if you don’t want to feel today why don’t you listen to some anime music instead.

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The Calendar of Happy Days

August 7, 2013

myspace band of the week


The Calendar of Happy Days is an alternative rock trio from Minamihoncho. Masato Teramae (vocals, guitar) and Keita Suzuki (bass) originally formed the band in 2007 in their light music club at university. Takuya Yoshimi (drums) joined the band in 2009. In 2012 they signed to ASR Records and released their first single Masshiro na Dress ni. Their new mini album Feelback-View was released in March and is available at Amazon and CD Japan.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 105

August 2, 2013

Incoherent mess.

Maximum the Hormone- “Yoshu Fukushu”

It’s been six years since Maximum the Hormone’s last album, but the band is back with their usual brand of sonic metal fury sandwiched between J-pop verses. “Yoshu Fukushu” features some manga panels and sound effects, sneak peak at the 156 page manga that comes with the CD?

the HIATUS- “Horse Riding”

Watch Takeshi Hosomi’s silhouette play guitar as random scenery and newsreels pass in the background. A rather bland single but at least the HIATUS are past their emo phase.

BIGMAMA- “Alongside”

Set sail with BIGMAMA or just watch them rock out on the pier. The skies are grey, but the violin, which remains the band’s saving grace, will keep you cozy.

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