J-Rock Fridays Vol. 107

August 16, 2013

Here it is.

Electric Lunch- 『月夜心を攫う白銀の獣現る刻彼の世界終わる』

A song title so long you would think it’s the new te’ video. Electric Lunch’s new single does have the similar math rock power of that band but with the raw emotional vocal power of Ling tosite sigure.

The Insect Kids- “Henda, Henda, Henda / Full Color”

Both of The Insect Kids’ new iTunes singles are featured in this elongated video of a man riding his bike into daylight. “Henda, Henda, Henda” adds some electronic beats that we haven’t really heard from the band before while “Full Color” sounds like it could break into a dance song at any moment if it weren’t for the melancholic guitar.

mori wa ikiteiru- “Hibi no Utakata”

A really great folk song that I missed a few weeks ago but kind of already covered months ago on band of the week. Enjoy the banjo filled, country twang of”Hibi no Utakata” while the band showcasew their record collection in the park.

The Rockin’ Baratones- “Shake a Leg”

I love a woman that eats! Baritone saxophonist Ura Tomoe teams up with Rockin’ Enocky for this cross generational rock tune. The Spiders’ Monsieur Kamayatsu is supposed to play guitar on their album too!

Sankaiten to hitohineri- “Kirikae Girls”

Sakaiten’s slower shoegaze jam is perfect for traingazing, planegazing, seagazing and fireworkgazing. That must sound really boring, but I actually enjoy all of those things (except fireworks, how pointless are they?).

SAKANAMON- “Hanairo no Bishojo”

A raggedy girl doll is found by SAKANAMON’s singer and she becomes a real girl! If only finding a girlfriend was that easy. Unfortunately, the “music video making” segment doesn’t shed light on his magic trick, but I think he does the right thing in the end.

Shishido Kavka- 『ラヴコリーダ』

The “drum’n’ girl” Shishido Kavka transforms from her usual rock self to an 80s pop diva. Or is that her evil twin? Whatever it is, here’s a colorful fashion show.

the pillows- “Happy Birthday”

I normally don’t post “short version” PVs, but how could I resist the pillows singing happy birthday to themselves? Happy 25th anniversary to the pillows. You haven’t changed at all over the years and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

PS. J-Rock Fridays turns 4 next week, they couldn’t wait a couple of days?


Band Links

Electric Lunch: web, iTunes

The Insect Kids: web

mori wa ikiteiru: web, CD Japan

the pillows: web, CD Japan

The Rockin’ Baritones: web, CD Japan

SAKANAMON: web, CD Japan

Sankaiten to hitohineri: web, CD Japan

Shishido Kavka: web, CD Japan

Shake a leg

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