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March 28, 2012

myspace band of the week

LOOLOWNINGEN & THE FAR EAST IDIOTS is a post-blues band based in Tokyo. The current lineup is Shigeru Akakura (guitar, vocals), Junpei Yamamoto (drums, ex: Praha Depart), Sachi (keys, ex: ハリネコ), Atsushi Ueda (bass, kazoo, ex: school food punishment) and sometimes Kevin McHugh (keys). Akakura was the former frontman of Mahiruno, which disbanded in 2010. LOOLOWNINGEN, which means “wandering people,” formed last summer. Their first CD-R is available at Jet Set Records.

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Stuff To Look Forward To, March 2012

March 26, 2012

This is probably too late for anyone to care, but I finally had time to finish it and why should I delete hours of work. Capsule!

3/01 Haushinka- Wayah!! (Amazon)

3/02 Shit Happening- Sing

3/05 ONINKO!- ニュー ONINKO! (Jet Set)

3/07 ammoflight- Sakura Graffiti (CD Japan)

3/07 Apoptosis- Street Ask (CD Japan)

3/07 Baby Metal x Kiba of Akiba (CD Japan)

3/07 The Back Horn- Sirius (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/07 capsule- Stereo Worxxx (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/07 Curly Giraffe- Flehmen (CD Japan)

3/07 Guitar Panda- Rockin’ In The World (CD Japan)

3/07 HY- Parade (CD Japan)

3/07 Itsue- Ikutsumono E (CD Japan)

3/07 KIDS- L to L (CD Japan)

3/07 kyojaku.- 孤高の画壇

3/07 MUCC- Nirvana (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/07 OLDCODEX- Cold Hands (CD Japan)

3/07 Paionia- Sayounara Paionia (CD Japan)

3/07 Quattro- 4 (CD Japan)

3/07 Ryo Hamamoto & The Wetland- ST (CD Japan)

3/07 Sakura Merry Men- Qucarium (CD Japan)

3/07 The Slut Banks- Chikuro (CD Japan)

3/07 Urbangarde- Umaretemitai (CD Japan)

3/07 Wasureranneyo- ST (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 67

March 23, 2012

12 new videos for the 12 districts of Panem. May the odds be ever in your favor lol!

Phono Tones- “The World Is Yours”

Did you know Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s drummer has an instrumental side project? Here’s their first PV starring a bunch of cute cats!

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March 21, 2012

myspace band of the week

Carpool is a 6-piece indie band from Tokyo. They formed in Spring 2010 and feature members of haco-mofu, YOUTHS and gaudies. Golden Summer is carpool’s first mini-album and was released in January. You can pick it up at Jet Set Records.

Enjoy the early spring weather and take a listen to “Golden Summer” below.

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March 14, 2012

myspace band of the week

sounddrug is an alternative rock duo made up of Japanese music maniacs Ryota Machida and Aki Takamoto. They formed in 2003 and are based in San Diego. Both members have performed in jazz ensembles and decided to earn their college degrees in music before they hit the road. Their first EP Music From Apartment was released in 2010 and is available for free download on their website. Their new single is also up for download. A second EP will be released in March/April.

They will be performing at their second anime convention this weekend and will be opening for Japan Nite March 20 in San Francisco.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 66

March 9, 2012

Get your kicks on J-Rock 66.

Quattro- “Last Dance”

Quattro may have lost half their band to The Mirraz, but they’re back with a vengeance with their fourth-coming album.

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March 7, 2012

myspace band of the week

NOKIES! is a young indie band from the Kansai region. Yusuke Kume (vocals, guitar), Kotaro Matsumoto (bass), Yu Sugano (guitar) and Atsuya Kose (drums) met at college and decided to mold their passion for music into a band. Osaka based record store Flake Records signed NOKIES! last year, the first Japanese band for the label. NOKIES! is known for their guitar charged dance riffs and pop song melodies and is often compared to bands like Vampire Weekend and The Strokes.

Flake Records released an EP and a 7″ last year from the band. NOKIES! will be playing at SXSW this year for Japan Nite and the Japan Nite tour.

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