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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 66

March 9, 2012

Get your kicks on J-Rock 66.

Quattro- “Last Dance”

Quattro may have lost half their band to The Mirraz, but they’re back with a vengeance with their fourth-coming album.

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recoride レコライド

June 22, 2010

Strap some neon glow sticks on your moped and ride on down to the Tokyo raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave.

recoride  レコライド formed in 2009 and is fronted by the Cyndi Lauper looking chick in the middle.  Their myspace features one and half minute samples from their debut album Zekkyo Midare Rally Land and a couple demos.  “Baseball Murder” has a nice 8bit intro and quickly morphs into electro chaos.  The rest of the samples follow suit with a mix of electro and new wave happiness.

Their album Zekkyo Midare Rally Land came out last November.  Buy it at Play-Asia now!

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