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The 50 Kaitenz live video

March 31, 2007

Right click–> Save target as for a 9 minute clip from punk band The 50 Kaitenz‘s Japan Nite performance courtesy The clip was taken on 2007-03-19 at The Independent in San Francisco, CA.

not enough bands wear suits these days…


Cornelius- Sensuous (US edition)

March 30, 2007

It has come to my attention that Cornelius’s 2006 album, Sensuous, is coming to record stores in the United States! Yes! This was one of my favorite releases from last year. A wonderful album of ambient and techno beats. It will be released through Everloving Records on April 24, 2007.


US tours

March 28, 2007

It was my intention to report every Japanese band that is touring in America but as it turns out I was very biased.  As soon as I added JapanFiles as a friend on myspace and started to read their bulletins, I realized that there are a lot of Japanese bands touring here, most of which I never even heard of.  To make amends I added a link under blogroll.  It will direct you to the tour forum where everything is posted and I don’t have to hit a single key on my keyboard.  Enjoy.



March 24, 2007

In this video, a young Asian girl passes out and dies when she sees her favorite band, the Beat Crusaders, tombstone (ironically using the same tomb-font as Good Charlotte’s logo oh oh oh).  As she slowly becomes translucent and passes on she sees her favorite band performing the graveyard shift.  The rest of the video cuts to scenes of her lifeless body while the Beat Crusaders jam out like only ghosts can.  So far this is probably my favorite single they’ve released since their last album, Pop On Arrival.  The single for “Ghost” comes out April 18th.


Shojo Beat Music Awards 2007

March 22, 2007

The winner’s have just been announced.  Little disappointed with the results, no Beat Crusaders?


Nana Kitade – 45.2%


HYDE – 44.7%


Poplar – 47.1%


Ketchup Mania – 50.6%


AN CAFÉ – 55.1%


Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re – 73.4%


BBQ Chickens- BIG MAC!

March 18, 2007

So, the first song that popped up on my mp3 player after I left my church’s St. Joseph’s Table this afternoon was “Big Mac.” How ironic because I was pissed they served absolutely no meat, I can only eat so much tilapia. BBQ Chickens is a now defunct thrash punk band fronted by Ken Yokoyama who has had marginal success in his solo career. Their songs are so so short they had to combine it with “Keep it Real” to make a full music video barely cracking 2 minutes. Burger run tonight anyone?

here’s a cover by some American thrash band named Dreams are free motherfucker. It’s quite entertaining.


Les Rallizes Denudes- Night of the Assassins

March 16, 2007

I’ve recently had the opportunity to listen to Les Rallizes Denudes album, Heavier Than a Death in the Family.  They’re an old psychedelic band from the 70’s.  There was something that was bothering me though, their song Night of the Assassins sounded very familiar.  The thumping of the bass sounded a lot like…that song from Sister Act?  “I love him I love I love him and where he goes I’ll follow I’ll follow.”  Now I’m pretty sure that was a cover of an older song but I was shocked nonetheless.


the pillows- new album!

March 12, 2007

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! The tentative title of the new album by the pillows.  The new album will have approximately 11 tracks and come out May 2nd, 2007.  “Wake Up! do do,” and “Scarecrow” are the only confirmed track titles, the single for “Scarecrow coming out April 4th.


the cool brag #1

March 11, 2007

My CD package from came in a day earlier than I expected.  Here’s a monument to the great Japanese music that is available domestically to American listeners.  I would’ve taken a picture of my grinning face but I don’t know how to work my sister’s digicam.  I’ll just let the guys in ELLEGARDEN do it for me.

Whence He Came- The Shorter Story 

ELLEGARDEN- Riot On the Grill 

Beat Crusaders- Howling Symphony of


Asian bands SXSW

March 9, 2007

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a week or so but midterms got in the way. Every year I scroll through the list of bands performing at SXSW and make sure I listen to everything Japanese. Just because I can’t go doesn’t mean I can’t find new bands! Sucks though because my spring break perfectly overlaps SXSW. Here you will find a list of all Japanese and Asian bands performing next week in Texas. Any band in bold has a free mp3 on their page. You should probably check out anything with a (*).


Asobi Seksu*



Lonely China Day

Rebuilding the Rights of Statues *



Asakusa Jinta


CHO Sister-Brother

The Emeralds

Gitogito Hustler


Green Milk From The Planet Orange *





Luminous Orange *



Muddy World




Pistol Valve

The Spunks

Suishou no Fune

Tetuzi Akiyama

Yolz in the Sky *


Seoul Electric Band



Pete Teo


Electrico *

The Great Spy Experiment *

now if I missed something post a comment. I know of at least three of the links here go to a 404 page but I kept it anyway. Also check out the SXSW Asia page.