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IMF channel (International Music Feed)

June 30, 2007

I just bumped into their account while searching for Beat Crusaders videos on youtube. IMF is a 24 hour music video network which combines the best music in the US and around the world. It’s supposed to be available on Dish Network (channel 157), Verizon Fios, AT&T U-Verse, Sure West Broadband & Wide Open West. I have dish network but apparently it’s not part of my subscription. In any case I think it’s a great idea. They’ve uploaded a bunch of interviews from the channel on their youtube account. Here’s the Japanese videos they have so far:

Acid Android


An Cafe

Beat Crusaders



Geneon Records thinks I’m an idiot

June 27, 2007

during rightstuf’s recent Geneon sale, I ordered the Paranoia Agent soundtrack to complete my 10 for $50 order. So I’m flipping through the cd booklet last night and there’s this HUGE disclaimer on the first page that says

low quality sounds are often used deliberately in “Condition Boy” as per the composer’s intention. Although there are occasional noises and distortions, they are not due to the quality of this CD nor you CD player equipment.

do they honestly believe that we’re so immature that we can’t understand why a musician records music like that? This is the Paranoia Agent soundtrack for god’s sake. Do they honestly believe immature audiences would actually sit through more than a couple of episodes when it was on TV let alone buy the soundtrack? It’s not even that bad I would’ve never noticed without the “warning.” This just pissed me off and it gets even worse:

Cautions in handling CD:
-Please handle with care…
-Please wipe the disc lightly with a soft cloth…
…..Cautions in storing CD:
-Please do not store the disc in places with direct sunlight…
-Placing a heavy item on the plastic case, or dropping it will break the case and can cause injury…

What year is this? I remember coming across these “directions” every once in a while back in the mid 90s when I started buying CDs. This CD was released in America in 2005. Do they honestly think it hasn’t sunk in to the American public yet? Most of us buy blank CD-Rs and burn stuff on them and just throw them around our house, our car. I think we can all agree through trial and error that when there’s a large scratch on the underside of a CD, IT WON’T WORK. And this isn’t the first Geneon CD I own with this message, it’s plastered over the entire lower half of the first two FLCL soundtracks (which look identical btw). I don’t know how they handled their more recent soundtrack releases but I can’t help but feel like they think I’m an idiot.


Pay for Dir en grey videos?

June 26, 2007

You can now buy and watch footage from the latest DIR EN GREY
U.S. tour with the Deftones through the new BOOSTER·AFFILIATE CONTENTS.
Click on the link below or visit our blog for more information on how you can get these videos.


Is the US ready for ELLEGARDEN?

June 26, 2007

Look’s like Ellegarden‘s got a street team for their US release of Eleven Fire Crackers which will hopefully get them more exposure in the states.

We’re getting closer and closer to the American release of Eleven Firecrackers and we want to celebrate! We’re going to ask for your help spreading the word about Ellegarden but we’re going to try to make it fun too. So, starting tomorrow we’re going to have a contest with a new task every week until July 31st. We’ll be posting the tasks in the blog section of our profile here on myspace. We’ll be picking winners at random and they will receive an Ellegarden prize pack that may include signed posters, signed cds, and much more!*

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and joined our ranks of fans and friends here! Stay tuned!

*We’re so sorry but for now we can only offer this contest to US residents.



June 21, 2007

It seems like every time I remember this band, a new single is out that I never heard announced.  High Brid came out June 6 and it’s lead single is their cover song of “I’ll be there.” It’s catchy as hell.  If this doesn’t get you dancing I don’t know what will.



June 20, 2007

I made a post on my other blog today which almost never happens so I thought it’s only fair to drop a line here too.  COPTER4016882 is a techno/dance/shibuya-kei band from the same label as Capsule and Perfume.  I’ve been listening to the latest album 2D2D non-stop today.  The following video is from that album.


Tokyo Jihen- OSCA

June 19, 2007

Shiina Ringo’s back with her band this summer with their new single Osca coming out mid July. There’s a lot of panty flashing in this catchy video!  In August Tokyo Jihen will be releasing another single, Killer Tune.


TOKYOPOP visits Jrock Revolution

June 19, 2007

Tokyopop has posted a short video compilation clip of the Jrock Revolution festival on their youtube account.  JRR has posted on it’s myspace blog that there is enough video footage for a dvd release.



June 19, 2007

I usually don’t post about amateur covers, or even watch them really but I found this one interesting.  It’s a keyboard version of Ellegarden‘s Fire Cracker.  It would’ve been nice to post the original video of this song for comparison purposes but it seems that youtube deletes all of PVs every other month, sorry.  You can listen to it on their myspace at least.



June 19, 2007

Last night I familiarized myself again with Love Me Butch’s 2005 album This Is the New Pop. LMB is a screamo/hardcore band from Malaysia and has also gained popularity in the Philippines and all across Asia.  Syrayal sings in perfectly clear English which I find abnormal in Asian bands.  You can buy the album at Interpunk though it is currently out of stock.