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parms debut album + tour

February 21, 2009

The first full length from parms (ex: DRUMKAN) is now available to order from Parrot On A Porch Records.

Formed in 2008….Hailing from Tokyo/Japan, Satoshi and Kei got acquainted through a mutual friend, then formed the powerful pop punk trio PARMS also featuring Jiro on Bass. After crafting 13 pop punk masterworks, the band entered the studio in Kentucky, USA with Kevin Ratterman(Producer,Wax fang drummer) Parrot On A Porch is pleased to release their first debut full length album in the USA. See them on tour with PARK RANGER throughout the Spring of 2009. For fans of Alkaline Trio and Gameface.

1. Sunlight
2. Stolen my herat
3. Jumping to the new world
4. Mountain of faults
5. Smile of angel
6. Lose sight of all
7. Shine
8. Despair changes all into nothing
9. Our conversation
10. Lady luck smiles me. Maybe no maybe yes…
11. Drink till get drunk
12. Burning
13. Two peas in a pod

USA tour
3.01@CAKE SHOP with Park Ranger
3.02@THE KHYBER with Park Ranger
3.03@THE RED & THE BLACK with Park Ranger
3.04@QUE PASA? with Park Ranger
3.05@THE SOAPBOX with Park Ranger
3.06@THE OASIS with Park Ranger
3.09@SPRINGWATER with Park Ranger
3.11@SKULL ALLEY with Park Ranger,FRONTIER(S)
3.12@GARFIELD ARTWORKS with Park Ranger
3.13@ABILENE with Park Ranger
3.14@THE RAVEN with Park Ranger,Long Since Forgotten
3.15@THE LOST HORIZON with Park Ranger, Long Since Forgotten


The Blue Hearts- Linda Linda

February 19, 2009

From one legendary punk band to another, MxPx have announced that they will cover The Blue Heart’s “Linda Linda” on their upcoming cover album On the Cover 2.

“The song was originally intended to be released in Japan only, but the band loved it enough to not only include it on the US release, but to also record the song in Japanese for the Japanese edition.”

Yikes.  I’m kind of excited to hear this, both versions.  MxPx has never let me down.  Meanwhile, lets rock out to the karaoke classic:


UPDATE: Vagrant Records signs FACT

February 13, 2009

Vagrant/Maximum 10 have officially announced that they will release FACT’s debut  US album.  The album will contain 16 tracks and was produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Incubus, Story of the Year) and mixed by Chris Lord Alge (Green Day, My Chemical Romance).  Although the bulk of the album will contain new material, select songs will be taken from their first full-length in Japan, Never Turn Out The Light To Keep Myself, and their EPs. The album will be released on April 14th. Vagrant is the home of many accomplished punk bands, including Alkaline Trio, Dashboard Confessional, Thrice, The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, and more.

1. Paradox
2. Los Angeles
3. A Fact of Life
4. Chain
5. Reborn
6. Purple Eyes
7. Lights of Vein
8. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
9. CO3
10. Snow
11. Stretch My Arms (from The fine day never last)
12. 45 Days
13. Why…
14. 1-2
15. Rise
16. A Fact of Life (Boom Boom Satellites remix)


FACT goes viral, scene kids disappointed

February 12, 2009

Earlier this week, punk news website posted a link to  At the time, the viral website only contained the phrase “FACT OF LIFE.”  The letters A, F, and I were clickable, leading many to believe it was a teaser site for the new A.F.I. album.  Eventually, someone posted the link to FACT’s video “A Fact of Life” which was identical to the audio found in the letter “A.”  Mystery solved.

Or so we thought.  Yesterday, a new article was posted, “Who Could This Be?”  The Fact Of Life website was updated, clearly stating the band was FACT, a link to their YouTube video, and with the same image of the mask they wear on their myspace profile picture.  However, some people just don’t get it:

“I figured it was Davey Havok using autotune to hide his voice”

“Surely the vocals were altered a bit? so we couldnt figure out who it was?”

“Maybe this band “fact” is made up, and it really is some other band going waaaaaay over the top via viral marketing or whatev and the autotune is used to mask who the real voice is, and the masks really are hiding whoever’s face it is…and the person said he loves Fact and their split ep, maybe he’s working with them to cover their true identity up…”

“At first it seemed like AFI, it still could I be but I have no clue, the video was a little weird. I kind-of want to know who it is, it seems like one band then they add something and I get so lost, I wonder what will happen next.”

“Either Lost Prophets or 30 STM.
I’m guessing.”

It’s amazing how many people on the internet can’t read.  Having posted on that forum for several years, I can tell you this isn’t an isolated incident.  Not the brightest bushel in the barrel. It’s funny how they all loved this band when they though it was A.F.I. and now it’s “just a random Japanese band.”

Interestingly enough, when you sign up for FACT’s mailing list, you’ll get an email confirmation from Vagrant Records.  Does this mean they have a record deal in the States?  They’ll be touring America in March and April with Greeley Estates, Memphis May Fire, and iwrestledabearonce.

“A Fact of Life”



Peelander-Z- P-Pop-High School

February 3, 2009

Peelander-Z is set to release their fifth album, P-POP-HIGH SCHOOL on April 14.  They plan a 60+ stop tour from March to April in support of them album.

But wait!  The band is currently raising money for their next album via the new, hip  Fans can purchase a part of their next album for only $10.  Once the band raises $50,000, SELLABAND sends them into the studio to record their new album.  The donaters than receive a limited edition copy of the CD and .01% of net revenue from the album for 5 years!

The following is the lead single from P-POP, another version of “Ninja High School.”  The PV was made in collaboration with Kaiju Big Battel.


MONO- Follow The Map

February 2, 2009

Mono have released their first official PV ever for their upcoming album Hymn to the Immortal Wind.  The video was shot in Paris, France and directed by Dimitri Galuret.  The album can now be preordered from Temporary Residence, LTD.


buddhistson- SLOWDANCE ~wisely and slow, they stumble that dance fast~ (LYRICS)

February 1, 2009

Surfing the internet, it’s obvious we have a severe deficiency of buddhistson lyrics on the web.  After receiving my copy of SLOWDANCE in the mail yesterday, I thought I’d do the world a favor and post their brilliant lyrics.

Buy album at:


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