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parms debut album + tour

February 21, 2009

The first full length from parms (ex: DRUMKAN) is now available to order from Parrot On A Porch Records.

Formed in 2008….Hailing from Tokyo/Japan, Satoshi and Kei got acquainted through a mutual friend, then formed the powerful pop punk trio PARMS also featuring Jiro on Bass. After crafting 13 pop punk masterworks, the band entered the studio in Kentucky, USA with Kevin Ratterman(Producer,Wax fang drummer) Parrot On A Porch is pleased to release their first debut full length album in the USA. See them on tour with PARK RANGER throughout the Spring of 2009. For fans of Alkaline Trio and Gameface.

1. Sunlight
2. Stolen my herat
3. Jumping to the new world
4. Mountain of faults
5. Smile of angel
6. Lose sight of all
7. Shine
8. Despair changes all into nothing
9. Our conversation
10. Lady luck smiles me. Maybe no maybe yes…
11. Drink till get drunk
12. Burning
13. Two peas in a pod

USA tour
3.01@CAKE SHOP with Park Ranger
3.02@THE KHYBER with Park Ranger
3.03@THE RED & THE BLACK with Park Ranger
3.04@QUE PASA? with Park Ranger
3.05@THE SOAPBOX with Park Ranger
3.06@THE OASIS with Park Ranger
3.09@SPRINGWATER with Park Ranger
3.11@SKULL ALLEY with Park Ranger,FRONTIER(S)
3.12@GARFIELD ARTWORKS with Park Ranger
3.13@ABILENE with Park Ranger
3.14@THE RAVEN with Park Ranger,Long Since Forgotten
3.15@THE LOST HORIZON with Park Ranger, Long Since Forgotten



March 14, 2008

Another band rises from the ashes…

Parms is the new project from Satoshi, vocalist of DRUM:KAN.  Four demos have been added to their myspace.  I’m liking what I’m hearing so far although it doesn’t sound that much different from his previous band.  DRUM:KAN broke up last September.


DRUMKAN 1995-2007

November 14, 2007

Tonight, DRUMKAN will play their last show at the Tokyo LOFT in Japan.  You can read more about their split hereDRUMKAN was one of the first bands I listened to when I first started getting into Japanese music.  It’s a shame to see them break up.  Later I’ll post their song “Who Saves the World” on my player, in remembrance.  I urge you to pick up their only U.S. released album As Life, their final album, on Interpunk. 



July 10, 2007

DRUMKAN have launched their EPK site.  What that is, I don’t know but if you click on Audio there’s free mp3s for their songs “Away” and “Against in the wall.”


so it’s been a while

May 21, 2007

So today is the start of my 2nd week off from school.  As such I’ve done absolutely nothing since -.-  I went to Anime Central (ACEN) last Saturday where Spiral Spiders and High and Mighty Color performed.  Unfortunately, I was unaware that you needed a ticket and they were sold out by the time I got to the booth.  Maybe next year!  I was going to do an ACEN report on my *comic* blog but as it turns out there’s not much to talk about.

In any case, I went to Best Buy yesterday and they had the new Cornelius cd in stock.  I didn’t expect to find it there but I snatched it up with my 10% off coupon.

Also if anyone’s interested DRUM:KAN‘s cd is available for preorder on interpunk.

Now that school’s out, hopefully I can find out more to do with this blog.


DRUM:KAN US CD release!

May 2, 2007

On May 29th, DRUM:KAN’s first US album “As Life” will be released. This will include the 10 tracks on the original version and 5 bonus tracks from their previous releases. No word on what label is distributing it.

1. As Life

2. Wake Up

3. W

4. Freaking Out
5. Save Yourself

6. Insane

7. Against in the Wall

8. All My Life For You

9. Cat

10. Goodsleep

Bonus Track For USA..

11. Something

12. I Believe

13. Who Saves The World

14. Last Time

15. Away