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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 105

August 2, 2013

Incoherent mess.

Maximum the Hormone- “Yoshu Fukushu”

It’s been six years since Maximum the Hormone’s last album, but the band is back with their usual brand of sonic metal fury sandwiched between J-pop verses. “Yoshu Fukushu” features some manga panels and sound effects, sneak peak at the 156 page manga that comes with the CD?

the HIATUS- “Horse Riding”

Watch Takeshi Hosomi’s silhouette play guitar as random scenery and newsreels pass in the background. A rather bland single but at least the HIATUS are past their emo phase.

BIGMAMA- “Alongside”

Set sail with BIGMAMA or just watch them rock out on the pier. The skies are grey, but the violin, which remains the band’s saving grace, will keep you cozy.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 92

March 8, 2013

New video Friday with some of your favorite J-Rock bands and quite a few new ones!

Nile Long- “Rush To the Groove”

Last year The Brixton Academy reformed themselves as Nile Long. Their first EP was a solid collection of 80s inspired synthpop, not a huge departure from TBA but a little bit more dance oriented. “Rush To the Groove” is the first single off their first album and although it’s certainly dance worthy it manages to be melancholic at the same time.

One OK Rock- “Clock Strikes”

One OK Rock switches from English to Japanese vocals seamlessly in yet another single that will dominate the J-Rock airwaves. You can find it along with the theme song to the Rurouni Kenshin movie on their new album Jinsei x Boku released this week

Bigmama- “Kimi Omou, Yue ni Ware Ari”

A serious song calls for a serious video and this is the most emo we’ve ever seen Bigmama. Tons of sad staring off into the distance closeups and the singer finally breaking down in front of a bouquet of roses. Dramatic, much?

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 86

December 14, 2012

Christmas and New Years are coming up. There may be an end of the year wrap coming up soon but for now new videos!

Post Modern Team- “Never Let You Down”

Another ano(t)raks band decided to make a music video this week, this time Post Modern Team with one of my favorite songs of the year. “Never Let You Down” is a sweet, simple little tune aptly put to video with a girl running through the flower fields.

Take Ambulance- “Keys In Your Rubble of Hopes”

Take Ambulance are rather proud of their cuss storm that takes place in the middle of this video. Not only is it the only line they bother to subtitle, but they even printed out t-shirts to wear in the video. Hilarious!

kindan no tasuketsu- “Nemui”

Dreamy music and a sleeping girl. After releasing three albums in six months, kindan no tasuketsu deserves a nice rest.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 76

July 27, 2012

Here we go again!

Sawagi- “Kyakkya”

Sawagi scores another point for the instrumental/post rock scene this month.  “Kyakkya” brings Sawagi’s Korgs to outer space but it all sounds more like a trip to Disneyland in the end.

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J-Rock Friday Vol. 62

January 13, 2012

First new J-Rock Fridays of the year and we’re already so behind!

ent- “Airwalker”

STRAIGHTENER fans, Atsuhi Horie is back with the full-length debut of his solo project ent. “Airwalker” takes over where Welcome Stranger left off, brilliant indie pop with some electronic glitch. I don’t know what the astronaut’s about but it’s giving me Doctor Who deja vu.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 54

September 16, 2011

There’s a lot to go through this week so let’s! get! it! started!

THE Dakishimeruzu- “I wanna be your boyfriend”

THE Dakishimeruzu is not afraid to thrash around in the mud. Let’s just get dirty and have fun. Their second album was released last November, so this extra long PV is a good reminder to check it out.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 50

July 22, 2011

Fifty seems like an important number. If you can’t wait for J-Rock Fridays, I’ve been posting a few videos a day on my Tumblr account.

Comeback My Daughters- “Always on your side”

Outta Here is a great album. And since I’m too lazy to write album reviews I’ll just give CBMD top billing again. Awesome country sound!

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BIGMAMA hand delivers their CD…in Santa suits

December 25, 2010

BIGMAMA made one Acidman-loving fan’s day by hand delivering her CD+DVD to her doorstep.  She ordered their Back To The “2008.4.13”&”2009.4.12″ 〜We Don’t Need a Time Machine〜 live DVD and brand new holiday single I’m Standing on the Scaffold.  Looks like both were only available on their webstore for a limited time.  You can still order BIGMAMA CDs at CD Japan and Play-Asia, just don’t expect them to fly to America.  Watch them perform “Dowsing For The Future” in Santa suits below. Read the rest of this entry ?


Stuff To Look Forward To, October 2010

October 5, 2010

This month we have classic rock music, karate, b-sides, pretty ladies, and boys who wear masks over their face.  In other news I received an email for yesterday saying that I won tickets to see  X Japan in Chicago.  I heard they’re popular.

The Suzan- Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat

If you haven’t fallen in love with the girls through their single “Home,” then they’ve got a full-length album coming out just for you.  It was produced by Björn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn, and John who also “discovered” them a few years ago at SXSW or something.  They were all over New York promoting it last month and Fool’s Gold will release it at the end of the month. (myspace)

Isobe Masafumi- Sign In To Disobey

Everybody was kung-fu fighting.  Isobe Masafumi, best known as the vocalist of Husking Bee decided to pursue a solo career after Mars Eurythmics broke up earlier this year.  Toru Hidaka of the Beat Crusaders was brought in to produce this album.  Members of Asian Kung-Fu Generation, bloodthirsty butchers, Asparagus, toe, and more stopped by to play instruments.  Sounds a lot like Beat Crusaders. (myspace)

BEAT CRUSADERS- Rest Crusaders

Speaking of the Beat Crusaders, their “last album” is also coming out.  It features the singles “Situation,” “Let It Go,” and a lot of b-sides from their major label career.  There might be one or two new songs stuck in there.  There’s also another b-side collection named Lust Crusaders coming out the same day from their indie label and a live album/DVD in December.  Rest in plaid.

BIGMAMA- Roclassick

BIGMAMA is putting words to music…classic music.  Yeah, we got some Beethoven, Vivaldi, Bach, Dvorak, even Pachelbel.  It even comes with a music video DVD.   I always liked the violin in BIGMAMA so this “concept album” may prove interesting.  Their music video for “Eros Run,” their take on Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons (Spring) can be seen below.  (myspace)

avengers in sci-fi- dynamo

The avengers will release their third album and first full-length on a major label.  It includes a new version of the single “Delight Slight Lightspeed” and a bunch of new songs.  If you’ve enjoyed their futuristic sci-fi dance music lazer sound show before you pretty much know what you’re yourself into.  So fly your space shuttle to planet dynamo. (myspace)


Is that George Bush Sr. smoking a joint on the cover?  Looks like something Fat Wreck Chords would release.  And a parental advisory sticker on a Japanese CD?  They must be pretty damn profane.  Well they did tell us to f-off a lot in their blood-soaked PV for “Jack B.”   They’re pretty loud and obnoxious for a band named Silence Is Mine.  Let’s see how political this mini-album gets. (myspace)

Various Artists- World Penguin’s Carnival 2010

Famous post-rock label Penguinmarket Records are celebrating their fifth anniversary with a special compilation and seven days of concerts.  The compilation will feature mostly new tracks from the likes of wooderd chiarie, sgt., nenem, Clean of Core, oaqk, and some foreign bands.  Bound to be one of the best comps of the year! —————————————————————————————————————————————

Links to buy from:

avengers in sci-fi- dynamo: CD Japan

BIGMAMA- Roclassick: CD Japan

BEAT CRUSADERS- Rest Crusaders: CD Japan, Play-Asia

Masafumi Isobe- Sign In To Disobey: CD Japan

SiM- Living In Pain: CD Japan

The Suzan- Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat: Amazon

Various Artists- World Penguin’s Carnival 2010: CD Japan


Other stuff I may be interested in:

80kidz- Weekend Warrior: CD Japan, Play-Asia, Myspace

Ashigaru Youth- Nice to MEAT you: CD Japan, Myspace

Asshole Unite- Never Alone/Calling: CD Japan, Myspace

Droog- Violence: CD Japan, Myspace

Lacco Tower- Kaitai Shinsho: CD Japan, Myspace

People In The Box- Family Record: CD Japan, Myspace

Versailles- DESTINY -The Lovers-: CD Japan, Myspace


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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 7

November 13, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled program.  This week we have eight new videos by eight bands.  You’ll also find a poll at the very end.  Thanks goes out to International Wota for the Halloween shoutout, making last week’s column the most viewed yet!

PILLS EMPIRE- “Demophobia”

Another excellent artist from UK.PROJECT.  Their sound is hard to compare, but I settled with the telephones meets Nine Inch Nails.  If you’re into mysterious garage rock than this one’s for you.  Their debut album Mirrored Flag was released earlier this month and it rocks.  (myspace)

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