J-Rock Fridays Vol. 86

December 14, 2012

Christmas and New Years are coming up. There may be an end of the year wrap coming up soon but for now new videos!

Post Modern Team- “Never Let You Down”

Another ano(t)raks band decided to make a music video this week, this time Post Modern Team with one of my favorite songs of the year. “Never Let You Down” is a sweet, simple little tune aptly put to video with a girl running through the flower fields.

Take Ambulance- “Keys In Your Rubble of Hopes”

Take Ambulance are rather proud of their cuss storm that takes place in the middle of this video. Not only is it the only line they bother to subtitle, but they even printed out t-shirts to wear in the video. Hilarious!

kindan no tasuketsu- “Nemui”

Dreamy music and a sleeping girl. After releasing three albums in six months, kindan no tasuketsu deserves a nice rest.

The Flickers- “Eien”

Whether in a cave or on the beach, The Flickers plan on playing that electronic rock forever. Not sure why we need so many closeups of their Nike Airs, though.

a flood of circle- “The Rebel Age”

Nothing says “rebel” as much as cheerleaders in skull masks! Shalalalala we’re all going to die!

Keytalk- “Taiyo Kei Refrain”

Taiyo Kei Refrain. Refrain of the solar system. Naturally the guitarist with the broken arm is the party animal of the group.

BIGMAMA- “Jeffrey Campbell no Skate Shoes de”

More shoes! Does Jeffrey even make skate shoes? I just saw a lot of boots on their website and got bored. In any case BIGMAMA is throwing a birthday party for the girl they like and it’s smile worthy. I was surprised to see the Costco pizza box but apparently Japan has them!

KONCOS- 白樺通り Ave.

It’s Christmas time on Koncos Ave. and like most places in the world right now there’s no snow. Koncos is the new pop project of Taichi Furukawa and Hiroshi Sato from Riddim Saunter. For those keeping score, Riddim Saunter frontman Keishi Tanaka is recording solo now and can afford snow.

LAGITAGIDA- “Terrible Boy”

LAGITAGIDA’s first digital single is an energetic one in a live intimate setting! It’s nice to see an instrumental rock band not take themselves so seriously and just shred.

The Valves- “Greyhound”

If you were expecting dog racing and quality J-Rock than The Valves delivered! Plus another video this week with random shots of the universe!

Snare Cover- “Panorama”

I thought for sure this would be another creepy D’Angelo tribute video, but there’s enough visual effects to distract me from the fact I’m looking at a naked man.

The fin.- “Faded Light”

The fin. took a trip to London or something. All I know is there’s double decker buses and quaint buildings. This appears to be the only song they’ve written but I wouldn’t be surprised if The fin. is the next big indie breakout band of 2013.


Band Links:

BIGMAMA: web, CD Japan

The fin.soundcloud

a flood of circle: web, CD Japan

The Flickers: web, CD Japan

KEYTALK: webCD Japan, Play-Asia

kindan no tasuketsu: tumblr

KONCOS: web, CD Japan


Post Modern Team: bandcamp

Snare Cover: web, CD Japan

Take Ambulance: web, CD Japan

The Valves: web, CD Japan

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!

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