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The China Wife Motors

December 26, 2012

myspace band of the week


The China Wife Motors is an Osaka rock n’ roll trio founded in 2001. Tsunehiko Kajita (vocals, guitar), Masaki Noda (bass) and Toyoaki Nagai (drums) released their first album Hello, Motor City in 2007. Over the next few years they opened for a bunch of overseas punk bands in Japan and toured the USA twice, once with hellcat records band Left Alone who they released a split 7″ with. Last year The China Wife Motors released their second album In the Motor City.

Tour the motor city at CD Japan and Interpunk.

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Stuff To Look Forward To, December 2012

December 26, 2012

The day after Christmas! Time to use that holiday money on some J-Rock CDs. I also made a calendar page for the new year but if I don’t see views every day I can’t promise it’ll be around long.

12/05 androp- One and Zero (CD Japan)

12/05 The Bohemians- For Life (CD Japan)

12/05 the dresscodes- the dresscodes (CD Japan)

12/05 a flood of circle- Fuck Forever (CD Japan)

12/05 The Inrun Publics- Public Core (CD Japan)

12/05 Itsue- Yasahii Shikitachi (CD Japan)

12/05 Keytalk- Ktep3 (CD Japan)

12/05 Negoto- Greatwall (CD Japan)

12/05 NINGENCLUB- Each Time EP (CD Japan)

12/05 Polysics- Weeeeeeeeee! (CD Japan)

12/05 Ototoi Group- Avalon

12/05 Sakanamon- Na (CD Japan)

12/05 Siamese Cats- Takarajima (CD Japan)

12/05 Snare Cover- Pilgrim (CD Japan)

12/05 SpecialThanks- Campanula EP (CD Japan)

12/05 Take Ambulance- The Proof of our Sailing Days (CD Japan)

12/05 tricot- Bakyun EP (CD Japan

12/05 The Valves- Albiontique (CD Japan)

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