Stuff To Look Forward To, December 2012

December 26, 2012

The day after Christmas! Time to use that holiday money on some J-Rock CDs. I also made a calendar page for the new year but if I don’t see views every day I can’t promise it’ll be around long.

12/05 androp- One and Zero (CD Japan)

12/05 The Bohemians- For Life (CD Japan)

12/05 the dresscodes- the dresscodes (CD Japan)

12/05 a flood of circle- Fuck Forever (CD Japan)

12/05 The Inrun Publics- Public Core (CD Japan)

12/05 Itsue- Yasahii Shikitachi (CD Japan)

12/05 Keytalk- Ktep3 (CD Japan)

12/05 Negoto- Greatwall (CD Japan)

12/05 NINGENCLUB- Each Time EP (CD Japan)

12/05 Polysics- Weeeeeeeeee! (CD Japan)

12/05 Ototoi Group- Avalon

12/05 Sakanamon- Na (CD Japan)

12/05 Siamese Cats- Takarajima (CD Japan)

12/05 Snare Cover- Pilgrim (CD Japan)

12/05 SpecialThanks- Campanula EP (CD Japan)

12/05 Take Ambulance- The Proof of our Sailing Days (CD Japan)

12/05 tricot- Bakyun EP (CD Japan

12/05 The Valves- Albiontique (CD Japan)

12/05 Yuya Matsushita- U – Best of Best- (CD Japan)

12/07 Wolfgang McCartney- Dr. Brown Commended (Amazon)

12/12 Ao- Trigger of Life (CD Japan)

12/12 Band A- Hajimaru (CD Japan)

12/12 BIGMAMA- Jeffrey Campbell no Skate Shoes (CD Japan)

12/12 The Crater- Boku to Rokku

12/12 The Cro-Magnons- Honoo (CD Japan)

12/12 Dog in the Parallel Universe Orchestra- Doggy Style II (CD Japan)

12/12 DOLL$BOXX- Dolls Apartment (CD Japan)

12/12 Lama- Modanica (CD Japan)

12/12 Luna Sea- The End of the Dream / Rouge (CD Japan)

12/12 matryoshka- Laideronnette (Virgin)

12/12 MYPROOF- Metal For Silent Fury (CD Japan)

12/12 The Mirraz- Kizuna / Uruse (CD Japan)

12/12 papersyndrome- pyromania

12/12 Plastic Tree- Ink (CD Japan

12/12 Potshot- Potshot 1997 (CD Japan)

12/12 Scarlet- Addicted To Love (CD Japan)

12/12 sonodaband- Hinotama (CD Japan)

12/19 absentmindedness- Hoshi no Yukue EP (CD Japan)

12/19 Acidman- Shinsekai (CD Japan)

12/19 Dir en grey- Rinkaku (CD Japan)

12/19 erie- Traumerei (CD Japan)

12/19 The Flickers- FL!CK EP (CD Japan)

12/19 Gackt- White Lovers (CD Japan)

12/19 The Girl- Ur Sensation (CD Japan)

12/19 The Love Ningen- Anchor Song (CD Japan)

12/19 militarysniperinfall- Suite (CD Japan)

12/19 The No Ear- 10 Years Revolution (CD Japan)

12/19 NICO Touches the Walls- Yume Ichigou (CD Japan)

12/19 Sayaka Kushibiki Trio- Day & Midnight (CD Japan)

12/26 GLORYHILL- Treasure

12/26 Split BoB- A Rebirth (CD Japan)

12/26 the telephones- Super Disco Hits Final! (CD Japan)

12/26 UVERworld- Reversi (CD Japan)

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