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iTunes is gay

January 11, 2010

If by chance you are looking for the new ar album Love Lu Le Lo, you will find the album under the name A&R on iTunes.  Out of all the work they put into licensing this from Japan, they couldn’t even spell two letters right.

But of course if you must pay for mp3s,  you might as well buy them at Japan Files.  It’s a couple pennies cheaper and isn’t gay.


Random J-Rock Updates #4

September 7, 2008

Just wrapped up my second week of the new semester.  Not bad so far, even though I’m taking 18 credit hours.  I also just turned in my graduation dues, $125 down the drain!  Sigh…I’ve been forced to take 2 night classes this semester which means 2 nights off work a week.  My wallet’s just about empty.  It doesn’t help that the Christian bookstore by my house is going out of business and that they have such great deals on my Tooth and Nail bands!  I bought 8 CDs today alone, for about $20.  Might take me a while to get to the new Japanese music now…

parms (ex-DRUMKAN) will be recording their debut album in Louisville, KY with Kevin Ratterman this month.

-Sawao Yamanaka from the pillows is in a new band named The Predators with members from GLAY and straightener.

MUCC will be headlining 2 shows in LA and New York.

girugamesh’s self-titled album will be availabe at Hot Topic by the end of the month.  Their discography is also on JapanFiles.

TsuShiMaMiRe have a new song up on myspace named “Hyper Sweet Power” that has some connection with the Powerpuff Girls.  They are currently on a US tour.

buddhistson have uploaded studio updates.

New on JapanFiles:

girugamesh- girugamesh

girugamesh- Reason of Crying

girugamesh- 13s Reborn

LOVE PSYCHEDELICO- This is Love Psychedelico

Tokyo no Records pre-orders:

The Captains- I Love GS (10/22/2008)

Thee 50’s High Teens- Punch De Beat 9/9/2008

Various Artists- The Time Was Then Is Now 9/30/2008


Random J-Rock Updates #2

July 5, 2008

In this week’s random updates, you will find news about the pillows, new Vuzz Vegas Queen and Die!! Die!! Color!!! songs, HALCALI and Versailles interviews, and why I’m boycotting Tokyopop.

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Pistol Valve on JapanFiles

October 16, 2007

Pistol Valve’s Tsunamic Girls From Tokyo is now available through JapanFiles. They are a 10-member all-female brass band who made were seen at this year’s SXSW festival. Remember, you can still order the cd from CD Baby.

Press Release  


Asakusa Jinta on JapanFiles

October 11, 2007

Asakusa Jinta, a hardcore marching brass band, has joined JapanFiles with their latest album Sky Zero. I had the pleasure of listening to this album earlier in the year. Highly recommended.

press release


Electric Eel Shock- Transworld Ultra Rock

October 1, 2007

JapanFiles added the new Electric Eel Shock album Transworld Ultra Rock for MP3 download on their website.  Previews are available for all 12 tracks.  You can also download the album on for $8.99.


LiN Clover and Swinging Popsicle deals

September 28, 2007

rightstuf has Swinging PopsicleGo On and LiN CloverSlumber for $8.99 each. The sale ends next Friday.


Motor Mustang

August 14, 2007

JapanFiles has teamed up with Sputnik Lab Records to release Motor Mustang’s debut album Make Your Head Down. For a full press release click here.



August 8, 2007



August 7, 2007 – has teamed with SXSW-favorite mothercoat to launch the same-day release of the band’s third full-length CD “+birdless” on August 8, 2007.

“+birdless” features mothercoat’s trademark eclectic style on eight all-new tracks, including a totally re-worked version of their early-era demo song “yoghurt bus.”

mothercoat made USA appearances at Fanime 2006 and SXSW 2007. They were nominated for Best Japanese Rock Band in Shojo Beat’s 2007 Music Issue.

Music at:

About JAPANFILES.COM: is the only online service that specializes in MP3 sales for Japanese rock artists, with over 250 indie bands reaching their USA fans through our site – rock, hip-hop, punk, and techno! is the largest source in the USA for legal downloads of Japanese music and DRM-free. Downloads are only 99 cents each!

# # #

sample: yoghurt bus


Head Phones President

July 18, 2007

Head Phones President’s discography can now be downloaded legally on JapanFiles.



July 16, 2007 (Las Vegas, NV) – Alternative heavy rock band Head Phones President features ANZA (vocal), MAR (guitar), HIRO (guitar), and NARUMI (bass). They debut on this week with six CDs and many songs in English.

HPP’s first Maxi Single “escapism” reached the number 1 position on the Singles Charts at the Tower Records Shibuya store in Tokyo in its first week of release, drawing a massive 300 people to their in-store performance.

HPP’s first full Album “VARY” once again captured the number 1 position on the Indies Charts at the Tower Records Shibuya store in Tokyo. Combined domestic and international sales of VARY placed it in the Top 10 on the National Full Album charts in the first week of its release.

In 2002 Head Phones President launched their international tour, including a performance in New York City.

They are currently recording a new album to follow up their successful release of 2005’s “Vacancy.”