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June 30, 2008

I’ve been in the mood for some intense breakcore lately.  Or hardcore as the Japanese say.  Basically loud obnoxious techno music with heavy bass, a lot of distortion, and some nonsensical screaming.  This is where Warst comes in handy!  Straight from the Hardcore Osaka label…sorry I don’t know much else about them.  I do know they have one album named Deathshit and I am listening to it right now.  Here’s some videos:

“Ace of Haze”

“100Giga Survivor”

I love this video.  Nearly three minutes of a teddy bear ripping apart the flesh of a little boy!


Random J-Rock Updates #1

June 27, 2008

Versus the Night. Something is going down November 3rd…

Land of the Rising Sound volume 1 was released in the US on June 24th. The compilation features the best underground and punk music from Japan. It can be purchased from amazon.

1.Exciter – BOMB FACTORY
2.Surf 99 – UZUMAKI
3.Discord – BOMB FACTORY
4.N2O Collaboration – ZUMAKI, RAW, N8LOC
5.Kyou no Story – NO HIGH ROLLER
6.Smoothrider – SMORGAS
7.All The Way – BOMB FACTORY
8.Radio 8.15khz – UZUMAKI
9.Secret Admirer – DATURA
10.Revolution – NO HIGH ROLLER
11.Deadman – SMORGAS
12.Drifting Away – FADE
14.Beautiful (Live version) – FADE
15.Bonus Audio – N8LOC’S TOKYO STORIES
(Live Manga, Backstage, Shoutouts & More)
Total time: 62:24

MaruMusic’s Visual Kei DVD VOL. 2 is now available to order here. The DVD is hosted by Miku of the band An Cafe and features interviews, profiles, and live clips of popular visual kei bands such as Moi Dix Mois, SaTaN, Chariots, etc.


BEAT CRUSADERS- EPopMaking (limited edition pics)

June 22, 2008

I thought I’d post some pics of my first purchase off Ebay, EPopMaking by BEAT CRUSADERS!  It’s also my first import BEAT CRUSADERS cd, although I own these.

Yeah, that package is from Hong Kong. I’m pretty sure it’s not a bootleg though.

The CD!

The DVD! Unfortunately, it’s Region 2 so I can’t play it on any of my DVD players. Rats!

Obi strip and some sticker.

I love how they made the lyric sheet resemble a newspaper, “The Daily Mask.”

Don’t know why tracks 1-10 weren’t on the front page…

Anyway, that’s it for today.  I did order the limited edition popdod album on amazon but they’re still looking for a copy.


The Slants on NPR

June 16, 2008


The Slants have been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered in a segment entitled The Slants: Trading in Stereotypes. This is a band I’ve always meant to post about but always forget. The Slants are a “Chinatown dance rock” band from Portland, OR. Some of the members are Asian and others are not but who cares? They’ve gained a following from appearing at several anime conventions. They’re kind of like the new Peelander-Z if you know what I mean. The All Things Considered article explains how band members A-Ron and Young experienced racism growing up and how their band is defying such stereotypes now. The song “Sakura, Sakura” is an anthem for all those who have been looked down upon–“This song’s for the Japanese, and the Chinese, and all the dirty knees.” Their self-released remastered album Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts is now available through CDBaby and iTunes.


the pillows-new songs

June 11, 2008

Three new songs have been uploaded to the pillows myspace page, “New Animal,” “Pied Piper,” and “Tokyo Zombie.” Their new album Pied Piper comes out in Japan on June 25th.

Also, take advantage of’s Geneon Sale which ends June 15th. All Geneon CDs are $5.

the pillows- My Foot

the pillows- Penalty Life




Goodbye Peelander Blue, we’ll miss you!

June 9, 2008

Peelander Blue, drummer and pro-weight wrestling champion will be leaving Peelander-Z. His last show will be at the Knitting Factory on July 6th in NYC. He will return to Peelander Planet to take the crown of Peelander King who is retiring.



NICO Touches the Walls

June 8, 2008

May I direct you to NICO Touches the Wall’s new single “The Bungy.” I can’t find a video for it so I had to upload the song to the player a la derecha.  It has a nice bluesy guitar riff that sounds rather similar to “Sea Lion” by Fiest.  Also, handclaps galore.  This is my first time listening to NICO but they’re officially on my download radar.

note: I love this album cover.



June 3, 2008

fangasm *squeeeeee*

The only thing better than a new BEAT CRUSADERS album is getting it a day early. As posted earlier, this is their 10th anniversary album. Not many bands can make it 10 years without changing it’s lineup. Wait…I’ve only been able to listen to it once all the way through but the latter half of the album has a more “pop rock” feel to it, meaning it’s a bit slower. My favorite song so far is “Work it Out.” I would post more about it but I’m too busy dancing. Here’s the lead singles from the album:

Time Flies, Everything Goes



Oreskaband- Wizard World Chicago + Warped Tour

June 3, 2008

In case you missed the memo, ORESKABAND has been confirmed as the musical guests of honor at Wizard World Chicago 2008.  The girls will hit the stage Friday night, June 27th at 7pm.  Now I’ve been going to Wizard World Chicago for the past three years and I know for a fact that we’ve never had any Japanese musical guests!  Of course they perform on Friday, when I can’t go.  Oh well you can still catch them on the Van’s Warped Tour this summer.  Tour dates on their myspace.


the pillows- New Animal

June 1, 2008

I wanted to hate this, put the pillows have released a third solid single since their abysmal album Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! The B-sides on the single are great, too. The gang vocals on “Finger Post of Magic” are so fun to sing along to. Unfortunately, that won’t be included on their new album Pied Piper due out June 25th.