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April 27, 2007

A little post-rock, a little grunge. Eksperimentoj burst out of the indie scene with their self-titled album this past January. Doing without a bass player, these three men have come out with a beast of an album full of moody atmospheres and sweeping guitars. You can check out the song “untitled” on my player or right here. Highly recommended duderz.


Introducing Widget!

April 25, 2007

This begs the question…what’s in your box?  I have took the opportunity and uploaded a widget into the sidebar which you can find to the right of the screen.  You can think of it as “Jrock Radio.”  I will periodically add and delete files.  Currently you can find the Beat Crusaders, Vola & the Oriental Machine, Plus-Tech Squeezebox, and Enie Meenie.  I have not yet decided if they’ll be a rotation of sorts (monthly, weekly, etc.) so listen to them while you still can!


New Releases April 24th

April 24, 2007

It’s not that often that 2 Japanese artists release cds in America on the same day, it’s even less often that I remember. Funny how I was at Best Buy today and totally forgot to check. I doubt most would have them anyway, especially OOIOO.

Cornelius- Sensuous

Everloving Records


OOIOO- Eye Remix EP

Thrill Jockey Records



Nature Living- This is For Us

April 24, 2007

Nature Living have added a new song on their myspace named “This is for us.” It’s from their new mini-album “Sign of Bright” due out May 23rd on Theory & Practice Records. They were one of the first Japanese screamo bands I discovered on purevolume.


Ore Ska Band- Up and Coming!

April 18, 2007

2 weeks ago I reported that Green Milk From the Planet Orange was named an “Up and Coming Artist” on and this week it’s Ore Ska Band’s turn!  You can download “the song from Naruto” here.  cheers!  I know a lot of people found this site looking for that song…


Jrock Revolution!

April 13, 2007

Yoshiki, former X JAPAN drummer and pianist, has announced Jrock Revolution, or as I like to call it, “visual kei a-thon” on his myspace page. This 2 day festival will occur in LA May 25 & 26 and includes the likes of alice nine, Vidoll, DuelJewel, Kagrra, Miyavi, Déspairs Ray, Merry, girugamesh, and MUCC.


the telephones- I AM DISCO

April 8, 2007

One morning while I was browsing through CD Japan’s weekly JPop newsmail, I encountered something that caught my eyes:

the telephones- We are the handclaps ep.

New release from four-piece Japanese band the telephones combines elements of new wave, post punk, electro, and alternative into an edgy blend of New York and Manchester sounds. Includes Enhanced-CD content.

Having been on a Polysics kick that week I was definitely interested. For the next couple of months I’ve been eager to listen to them and today I finally did. They have set up an account on, the purevolume of Japanese music. They only have two tracks streaming, the first two tracks off their ep, “Urban Disco” and “Habanero.” They definitely sound like some of the more mainstream American artists these days like The Killers and Panic! at the disco. I don’t know if I love it or hate it but I do know that I started dancing.



April 7, 2007

CDJapan reports that the new Beat Crusaders album, EPopMAKING – Pop tono Sogu will come out May 30th. It includes their advanced singles from “Booootsy,” “Cell No. 9,” “Night on the Planet,” and more.” To my knowledge those songs would be “Nothing to Loose,” “Freedom,” and “Overkill” respectively. I’d imagine the singles for “Day After Day,” “Solitaire,” “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight,” and “Ghost” will be on there as well. They also have a single coming out with DJ, RYUKYUDISKO, out June 13th called “Nice Day.”


Oreskaband- Warped Tour!!

April 7, 2007

Oreskaband has been added to the following dates on the Van’s Warped Tour.

8/17 Boise, ID Idaho Center Amp
8/18 Seattle, WA Gorge Amphitheater
8/19 Portland, OR Columbia Meadows
8/22 Fresno, CA Selland Arena
8/23 Sacramento, CA Sleep Train Amphitheater Lot
8/25 Los Angeles, CA Home Depot Center

aaaaand nowhere near me as usual. Not that I’ve ever been to a Warped Tour. I should probably get on that.


Green Milk From the Planet Orange

April 4, 2007

One of the first sites that I found several years ago when I was finally allowed to roam free on the internet was, a site where signed and independent artists uploaded mp3s to listen and sometimes even download. For a few years I would always search for some of my favorite punk bands and find new ones. Then one day they decided to make it a pay service and I moved on to other websites like purevolume and myspace (ugh). Although I took my ears elsewhere I still continue to receive email from them. Today I found Green Milk From the Planet Orange in the subject message and was stunned, an up and coming band? On their page is a link to an exclusive 40 minute SXSW session. There is some talking in the beginning and end of this very long song not to mention a very angry phone call halfway in but is mostly an exploration of sound worthy of being listened to.