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Green Milk From the Planet Orange

April 4, 2007

One of the first sites that I found several years ago when I was finally allowed to roam free on the internet was, a site where signed and independent artists uploaded mp3s to listen and sometimes even download. For a few years I would always search for some of my favorite punk bands and find new ones. Then one day they decided to make it a pay service and I moved on to other websites like purevolume and myspace (ugh). Although I took my ears elsewhere I still continue to receive email from them. Today I found Green Milk From the Planet Orange in the subject message and was stunned, an up and coming band? On their page is a link to an exclusive 40 minute SXSW session. There is some talking in the beginning and end of this very long song not to mention a very angry phone call halfway in but is mostly an exploration of sound worthy of being listened to.