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January 5, 2009

Saw this today and I’m pretty excited.  House☆Disney is a compilation of techno and dance tracks of Disney songs due out on January 28.  I’ve been waiting for the next Mosh Pit On Disney, and although this doesn’t seem to be it, it sounds really great so far.

1. MEG x Q;indivi- When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio)
2. World Sketch- Beauty and the Beast
3. Q;indivi- Part of Your World HOUSE NATION Remix Edit (The Little Mermaid)
4. Fantastic Plastic Machine- The Enchanted Fairy Garden (Tokyo Disneyland Disney’s Fantillution!)
5. AYUSE KOZUE- Mickey Mouse March (The Mickey Mouse Club)
6. Late Night Alumni- A Whole New World (Aladdin)
7. 80kidz- He’s A Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)
8. The Lowbrows- Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid)
9. KASKADE- Baby Mine (Dumb0)
10. Eric Kupper- Reflection (Mulan)
11. A Hundred Birds feat.TeN- When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2)
12. Shinichi Osawa- Main Street Electrical Parade (Disneyland)



Mono- Hymn to the Immortal Wind

January 2, 2009

Mono’s fifth studio album Hymn to the Immortal Wind will be released March 4 in Japan on Human Highway Records and March 24 on Temporary Residence Limited in the US.  The album was recorded and mixed in Chicago by Steve Albini.  A full orchestra was used in at least 75% of the album.

They will be playing in New York City on May 5 in support of their album with a 23-piece orchestra.  This will be their only North American performance of the year.

Track list:

  1. Ashes In The Snow
  2. Burial At Sea
  3. Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn
  4. Pure As Snow (Trails of the Winter Storm)
  5. Follow The Map
  6. The Battle to Heaven
  7. Everlasting Light

“Ashes in the Snow” (mp3)


Happy New Year!

January 2, 2009

Due to problems with my internet router, I still haven’t been able to finish This Month In J-Rock: November 2008.  But I got it all fixed today so it should be done early next week.  I’m also preparing This Year In J-Rock: 2008, my top 10 albums  and top 3 EP’s of 2008.  For a taste, check out my RYM: Best of 2008 list or the This Month In J-Rock archives.

Here’s hoping 2009 is another great year for J-Rock!