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Because I like to waste money

May 29, 2011

I was feeling down after skipping ACEN this year so I decided to take a Mitsuwa field trip this weekend. Can you guess what CD I bought in this horribly taken cell phone pic?

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 46

May 27, 2011

Three day weekend!

white white sisters- “wasted”

The white white sisters are back with a new chaotic tune. Not as memorable as “imperfect conflict” but still nuts. Let’s not talk about the shooting white liquid!

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May 25, 2011

myspace band of the week

FUZZASS is a female fronted psychedelic rock band backed by triple guitars and drums (no bass!). The band formed in 2005 with a rap top. In 2006 they accompanied The Soundscapes on their east coast US tour, but have stayed in Japan since. Their debut EP Larva was released last year. It was mastered by John Golden who did Sonic Youth and Primus among others.

With their fuzzy rock and distorted guitars, FUZZASS chose an appropriate name for themselves. “Larva,” their homage to The Doors, is an engrossing moody song. Yuko’s “whisper voice” does tend to blend in to the noise but is allowed to wander in songs like “Ulight.” If you’re into experimental music you’ll find some delight in this.

Pick up Larva at CD Baby.

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He Luck Door

May 18, 2011

myspace band of the week

He Luck Door (ひらくドア) is an indie rock band from Tokyo that formed around 2007. The band was founded by vocalist Takayuki Kato with Hirohisa Kato (guitar), Takahiro  Mizunara (Mr. Tambourine Man), Yes Teranaka (bass), and E.MURAYAMA (drums). Their psychedelic pop is inspired by The Beatles, Spitz, The Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine, and Deerhoof. They dropped their debut album He Luck Door in 2010.

Most of the songs on myspace come from their self-titled album. Some of their songs are light and fluffy while others are abrasive and psychedelic. My favorites are the ones with boy-girl vocals like “I Think About You.”

Download their new EP Omoiode (Memory) free here.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 45

May 13, 2011

It’s that time of the week.

Comeback My Daughters- “Why”

CBMD have crafted a fine piece of indie rock in NYC. More pics and diary entries here.

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May 10, 2011

myspace band of the week

Kowloon is not just a city in Hong Kong. It is also the name of an instrumental band formed by Keisaku Nakamura who has worked with toe and Kimura Kaela.

The trio formed in 2005. Kowloon is led by Teppei Takahashi on bass and guitar, Keisaku Nakamura on synthesizer, rhodes, and piano, and Umeki Taichi on drums. They released their first EP the fever in 2006 and first album infection in 2007. Their newest album metallic, exotic will be released later this May. It was recorded and mastered by Takaki Mino of toe with guest musicians Ryo Iwamoto (we are time), Yoshida Ichirou (Zazen  Boys), and Mariko Yamamoto.

Kowloon’s style of instrumental rock blends together post rock, jazz, and funk. Their math rock sound on songs like “Jetblack” calls to mind toe while the jazzy piano textures have a mouse on the keys feel. Then there’s songs like “Kokoro to Kokoro” and “New Town” that are similar to the the instrumental funkiness of 9dw. Kowloon can rock hard and then slow down like a lover.

Pick up metallic, exotic on May 25.

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Stuff To Look Forward To, May 2011

May 4, 2011

What do you know, I actually posted this early for a change. A lot of great stuff coming out this month. Such as new capsule, which was postponed and renamed. Other releases of interest: debut PeopleJam, full length 0.8秒と衝擊。, new Monobright with Toru Hidaka as a full-fledged member, the return of  macdonald duck eclair, and Vampillia again. And I’m sure I’ll be bumping Perfume.

05/04 TOTALFAT- World of Glory with Joe Inoue (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 Analog Fish- Ushinau Yoi wa Aru? Soretomo Houtteoku Yuki wa Arunokai (CD Japan)

05/11 BYEE the ROUND- バイザラウンド (CD Japan)

05/11 END OF START- From The Small Room

05/11 functioncode- Terror (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 Heavenstamp- Stand By You + Remixes (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 macdonald duck eclair – Kono Tokimeki Imasugu (CD Japan)

05/11 MONOBRIGHT- ACME (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 PeopleJam- Dirty Groove (CD Japan)

05/11 The Salovers- Band Wo Hajimeta Koro (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 School Food Punishment- RPG (CD Japan)

05/11 toddle- the shimmer (CD Japan)

05/11 Tokyo Jihen- Sora ga Natteiru / Onna no Ko wa Dare Demo (CD Japan)

05/11 Towa Tei- Sunny (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 Unison Square Garden- Orion wo Nazoru (CD Japan)

05/18 0.8秒と衝擊。- 1 Bo 2 Bo 3 Bo 4 Bo 5 Bo 6 Bo, Toyo Techno. (CD Japan)

05/18 9mm Parabellum Bullet- Atarashii Hikari (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/18 Camel Rush- Life Is Once

05/18 eastern youth- Kokoro no Soko ni Toka Tomose (CD Japan)

05/18 Homosapiens- Dead Girlfriend (CD Japan)

05/18 LM.C- Super Duper Galaxy (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/18 MONGOL800 – etc. works2 (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/18 Perfume- Laser Beam / Kasukana Kaori (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/24 Vampillia- Rule the World + Deathtiny Land (Amazon)

05/25 BACON – 月が朝日に變わるまで

05/25 capsule- World of Fantasy (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/25 COLD KITCHEN- Danzai no Feedback (CD Japan)

05/25 EDDY- Asterism (CD Japan)

05/25 FLiP- Michi Evolution (CD Japan)

05/25 ivory7 chord- Luminously (CD Japan)

05/25 kowloon- metallic, exotic (CD Japan)

05/25 Kuroneko Chelsea- Nude + (CD Japan)

05/25 LAZYgunsBRISKY- LAZYgunsBRISKY (CD Japan)

05/25 TOTALFAT- DAMN HERO (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

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Your Last Chicken

May 3, 2011

myspace band of the week

Your Last Chicken is a folk rock trio from Tokyo that formed in the summer of 2009. Originally a solo project of Makito Chikatsu who wrote and recorded these songs at home, he was later joined by guitarist/vocalist Cayske Hinami and percussionist Yumi Kudo. Their first EP Your Last Chicken was released April 2011 by CGCG.

Musically they are similar to the coffee house stylings of Predawn and the more folky songs of Turntable Films. Makito’s English is very clear, it’s easy to forget you’re listening to a Japanese band. Your Last Chicken comes off as a bit Americanized but a solid folk band all around.

Pick up Your Last Chicken at Jet Set Records.

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