May 25, 2011

myspace band of the week

FUZZASS is a female fronted psychedelic rock band backed by triple guitars and drums (no bass!). The band formed in 2005 with a rap top. In 2006 they accompanied The Soundscapes on their east coast US tour, but have stayed in Japan since. Their debut EP Larva was released last year. It was mastered by John Golden who did Sonic Youth and Primus among others.

With their fuzzy rock and distorted guitars, FUZZASS chose an appropriate name for themselves. “Larva,” their homage to The Doors, is an engrossing moody song. Yuko’s “whisper voice” does tend to blend in to the noise but is allowed to wander in songs like “Ulight.” If you’re into experimental music you’ll find some delight in this.

Pick up Larva at CD Baby.


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