J-Rock Fridays Vol. 46

May 27, 2011

Three day weekend!

white white sisters- “wasted”

The white white sisters are back with a new chaotic tune. Not as memorable as “imperfect conflict” but still nuts. Let’s not talk about the shooting white liquid!

KETTLES- 夢の中まで

KETTLES’ new PV is interrupted with interview pieces where the vocalist talks about something in front of his huge CD collection. Did you hear Hayashi of Polysics produced this song?

cinema staff- “skeleton”

cinema staff continue to be the only calm band on Zankyo. Pleasant, but doesn’t really stand out. Obligatory beach video.

The Bawdies- “A New Day Is Comin'”

Great balls of fire! The Bawdies are living in the 50s.

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas- “Chase the Light!”

FALILV hit the big time. “Chase the Light!” is the OP for the new Kaiji anime. Sure it’s no Death Note and they’re no Maximum the Hormone but it’s nice to hear anime music with balls for a change.

Flipside- “A Piece of the Wish”

Summer is for pop punk. And what do you know Flipside has a mini-album coming out for it.

THE LET GO’s- “Rock’n Roll Star”

Rock and roll sleepover!

G-YUN- “Message”

Gollbetty vocalist G-YUN has gone solo since her band broke up. Has a bit of an Avril Lavigne thing going on.

Nothing’s Carved In Stone- “Chain Reaction”

In which NCIS discovers synthesizers and a girl jumps in a puddle.

アナ – “TEI”

New Second Royal artist! A-NA. Not as exciting as Turntable Films or Hotel Mexico but has a nice beat.

kuh- “Tian-Lian”

The good guys of kuh did a video for their new song on &records’ earthquake benefit comp. Features Kubota of the Beat Crusaders!


Band Links:

アナ: website, CD Japan

The Bawdies: myspace, CD Japan

cinema staff: myspace, CD Japan

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas: myspace, CD Japan

Flipside: myspace, CD Japan

G-YUN: website, CD Japan

KETTLES: myspace

kuh: myspace, buy

THE LET GO’smyspace, CD Japan

Nothing’s Carved In Stone: myspace, CD Japan

white white sisters: myspace, CD Japan


  1. see thru shirts.

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