Because I like to waste money

May 29, 2011

I was feeling down after skipping ACEN this year so I decided to take a Mitsuwa field trip this weekend. Can you guess what CD I bought in this horribly taken cell phone pic?

If you guessed Perfume’s new single Laser Beam you’d be correct! The limited edition with DVD I can’t play in my DVD player. I was hoping they’d have the new capsule album, but at least I left with something Yasutaka Nakata. And it even came with a free poster!

It would have been a better poster if the entire top half wasn’t completely white, but hey, legs! For a more intimate look, check out Perfume444’s video. And check out his other videos. They’re…amusing.

Catchy stuff. The other CD I bought was Go!Go!7188’s cover album Tora no Ana. It was on sale for $9.50. Given the 2000yen list price that’s quite a deal!

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  1. sweet poster.

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