June 1, 2011

myspace band of the week

Unshin is a six-piece band currently based in London. The band is fronted by singer/songwriter Megumi Miyoshi who moved to the UK from Sendai when she was 12. She met future band members at Summerhill School, who came from such diverse places as Korea and Thailand. They’ve been recording their debut album Waltz for Broken Dolls on and off for years and it will finally see release this summer. The concept album tells the story a of young girl who finds her own path under the strict rules of Japanese society.

Despite being based in the UK, all of Unshin’s lyrics are in Japanese. As an accomplished koto player, Miyoshi brings  traditional Japanese flavor to  “Memories and Tears” while the strings in “Water Knife” are equally classy. Some of their songs are just plain J-Rock, though, like their newest single “Running” and the ska influenced “Evidence.”

Waltz for Broken Dolls will be released July 16. Two singles are available to download now on Amazon.com and iTunes.


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