Stuff To Look Forward To, May 2011

May 4, 2011

What do you know, I actually posted this early for a change. A lot of great stuff coming out this month. Such as new capsule, which was postponed and renamed. Other releases of interest: debut PeopleJam, full length 0.8秒と衝擊。, new Monobright with Toru Hidaka as a full-fledged member, the return of  macdonald duck eclair, and Vampillia again. And I’m sure I’ll be bumping Perfume.

05/04 TOTALFAT- World of Glory with Joe Inoue (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 Analog Fish- Ushinau Yoi wa Aru? Soretomo Houtteoku Yuki wa Arunokai (CD Japan)

05/11 BYEE the ROUND- バイザラウンド (CD Japan)

05/11 END OF START- From The Small Room

05/11 functioncode- Terror (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 Heavenstamp- Stand By You + Remixes (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 macdonald duck eclair – Kono Tokimeki Imasugu (CD Japan)

05/11 MONOBRIGHT- ACME (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 PeopleJam- Dirty Groove (CD Japan)

05/11 The Salovers- Band Wo Hajimeta Koro (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 School Food Punishment- RPG (CD Japan)

05/11 toddle- the shimmer (CD Japan)

05/11 Tokyo Jihen- Sora ga Natteiru / Onna no Ko wa Dare Demo (CD Japan)

05/11 Towa Tei- Sunny (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/11 Unison Square Garden- Orion wo Nazoru (CD Japan)

05/18 0.8秒と衝擊。- 1 Bo 2 Bo 3 Bo 4 Bo 5 Bo 6 Bo, Toyo Techno. (CD Japan)

05/18 9mm Parabellum Bullet- Atarashii Hikari (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/18 Camel Rush- Life Is Once

05/18 eastern youth- Kokoro no Soko ni Toka Tomose (CD Japan)

05/18 Homosapiens- Dead Girlfriend (CD Japan)

05/18 LM.C- Super Duper Galaxy (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/18 MONGOL800 – etc. works2 (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/18 Perfume- Laser Beam / Kasukana Kaori (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/24 Vampillia- Rule the World + Deathtiny Land (Amazon)

05/25 BACON – 月が朝日に變わるまで

05/25 capsule- World of Fantasy (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

05/25 COLD KITCHEN- Danzai no Feedback (CD Japan)

05/25 EDDY- Asterism (CD Japan)

05/25 FLiP- Michi Evolution (CD Japan)

05/25 ivory7 chord- Luminously (CD Japan)

05/25 kowloon- metallic, exotic (CD Japan)

05/25 Kuroneko Chelsea- Nude + (CD Japan)

05/25 LAZYgunsBRISKY- LAZYgunsBRISKY (CD Japan)

05/25 TOTALFAT- DAMN HERO (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

Videos for you to watch!

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