May 10, 2011

myspace band of the week

Kowloon is not just a city in Hong Kong. It is also the name of an instrumental band formed by Keisaku Nakamura who has worked with toe and Kimura Kaela.

The trio formed in 2005. Kowloon is led by Teppei Takahashi on bass and guitar, Keisaku Nakamura on synthesizer, rhodes, and piano, and Umeki Taichi on drums. They released their first EP the fever in 2006 and first album infection in 2007. Their newest album metallic, exotic will be released later this May. It was recorded and mastered by Takaki Mino of toe with guest musicians Ryo Iwamoto (we are time), Yoshida Ichirou (Zazen  Boys), and Mariko Yamamoto.

Kowloon’s style of instrumental rock blends together post rock, jazz, and funk. Their math rock sound on songs like “Jetblack” calls to mind toe while the jazzy piano textures have a mouse on the keys feel. Then there’s songs like “Kokoro to Kokoro” and “New Town” that are similar to the the instrumental funkiness of 9dw. Kowloon can rock hard and then slow down like a lover.

Pick up metallic, exotic on May 25.


FYI there’s another Japanese trio named Kowloon that sings and has a pretty cute drummer.

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