the telephones- I AM DISCO

April 8, 2007

One morning while I was browsing through CD Japan’s weekly JPop newsmail, I encountered something that caught my eyes:

the telephones- We are the handclaps ep.

New release from four-piece Japanese band the telephones combines elements of new wave, post punk, electro, and alternative into an edgy blend of New York and Manchester sounds. Includes Enhanced-CD content.

Having been on a Polysics kick that week I was definitely interested. For the next couple of months I’ve been eager to listen to them and today I finally did. They have set up an account on audioleaf.com, the purevolume of Japanese music. They only have two tracks streaming, the first two tracks off their ep, “Urban Disco” and “Habanero.” They definitely sound like some of the more mainstream American artists these days like The Killers and Panic! at the disco. I don’t know if I love it or hate it but I do know that I started dancing.


One comment

  1. i love these guys and polysics too….i am disco!!!

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