Random J-Rock Updates #2

July 5, 2008

In this week’s random updates, you will find news about the pillows, new Vuzz Vegas Queen and Die!! Die!! Color!!! songs, HALCALI and Versailles interviews, and why I’m boycotting Tokyopop.

JapanFiles has a bunch of albums to purchase 50% off for the month of July.

kunoichipanda-akai itazura $4.95

Luminous Orange- Waiting For The Summer $4.95

Motor Mustang- Make Your Head Down $3.96

raw bit ambience of electro- next $4.95

Vuzz Vegas Queen have added two new dance worthy tracks to their myspace, “Jill” and “Majic.”

-Sawao Yamanaka of the pillows has added a track by track analysis of their new album PIED PIPER to their blog.

Anime News Network has posted a video interview with HALCALI here.

Bespa Kumamero will be playing AniMex July 5-6 in Mexico.

Die!!Die!!Color!!! have two new tracks to download on their myspace, “Bid Start” and “Signal.”  They will be taken down in 10 days

Jrock Revolution has a new interview up with Versailles here.

Electrico has added the new song “Shadows” from the upcoming We Satellites to their myspace.  If this song is any indicator, I think these guys will be international rock stars by next year.

Tokyopop has officially canceled the best manga currently being printed in the US, BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad. I’m sorry but I have no faith in Tokyopop any longer and will not be purchasing any more manga from their company. I’ve waited three long years for them to get to the American Tour arc and now I won’t be able to read it.  Hopefully this new Kodansha company will pick up this series and treat it the right way.


  1. Yeah the Beck cancellation was quite tragic as I, like yourself, am a big fan. I’m still not sure about the status of the manga releases, but I’m a bit more behind anyways on picking them up. Thankfully we have a used book store which generally has them, but I just need to get on over there sooner than later.

  2. Amazon has volume 13 scheduled for June 2, 2009 but I wouldn’t count on it.

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