Polysics- Karate House/We ate the machine (US Release!)

July 3, 2008

Myspace Records to the rescue! Karate House and We ate the machine will be released on double vinyl August 19th. The CD versions will come out on September 30th. The press release is a little confusing but here it is regardless:

Hey Polysics fans,

We’re gearing up and getting ready for the US release by Polysics, We at the machine. Depending on your residence, you might have already seen versions of this record but the US release will include 3 English versions not yet heard on any other album.

August 19th will see the release of a vinyl double gatefold album; one side will be Karate House (an older album never released in the US) and the other side will be We ate the machine. Then on September 30th, MySpace Records will release We ate the machine in two formats; as a stand-alone CD, and digitally in a bundled package, for one week only, with Karate House. After one week the two albums will then be sold separately.

This means we are going to need your help to spread the word to polysics lovers everywhere! So head on over to Fancorps to sign up for the Official Polysics Street Team!



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