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Saddest Crying- The Unresponsible Reason (free EP)

July 18, 2008

It’s been a couple weeks but I’ve come back with some free tunes.  Saddest Crying is a screamo band from Thailand.  The Unresponsible Reason compiles what seems to be their entire discography, basically demos and tracks from compilations.  The EP highlights their “old period” music as they do not plan on playing heavy music anymore.  If the new song on their myspace player is any indication, they have a Creed/Nickelback thing going on right now, unfortunately.  The songs on the EP aren’t bad but generic overall.  Lyrics are typical for the genre “take that blood, bring the head to me, stab at them,” “You dig to my heart and cut it by your hands,” “everything was the cancer.”  The EP ends with the band’s anthem “Crying,” a song about being kicked out of a loved one’s life.  It has a nice mellow side to it, a great closer.

1. Commander In The Name Of Our Enemy
2. Saddest Song
3. Hopesdie
4. When I Try To Be A Superhero
5. Crying