J-Rock Fridays Vol. 7

November 13, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled program.  This week we have eight new videos by eight bands.  You’ll also find a poll at the very end.  Thanks goes out to International Wota for the Halloween shoutout, making last week’s column the most viewed yet!

PILLS EMPIRE- “Demophobia”

Another excellent artist from UK.PROJECT.  Their sound is hard to compare, but I settled with the telephones meets Nine Inch Nails.  If you’re into mysterious garage rock than this one’s for you.  Their debut album Mirrored Flag was released earlier this month and it rocks.  (myspace)

BIGMAMA- “かくれんぼ”

BIGMAMA is back with a new single from their third album.  Thankfully they didn’t steal any riffs from Jimmy Eat World this time. I actually liked this video a lot.  It features the lead vocalist walking around in his pajamas trying to kill himself.  But just in the nick of time, one of his band members replaces the murder weapon with pie or a banana. If you like violin soaked punk rock, BIGMAMA should be a no brainer. (myspace)

ar- “Love Lu Le Lo”

Ar is much more mellow than what I’ve come to expect from Thistime Records.  They’re one of those quiet acoustic bands with minimal experimentation.  This video is likewise quiet and peaceful, only featuring a man writing a letter, which I assume are the lyrics to the song. (myspace)


I introduced FREAKYFROG a few posts back as being fronted by former BEAT CRUSADERS member umu.  Now they have released their first PV from their debut album.  This song and video remind me a lot of the telephone’s “Urban Disco.”  The amount of synthesizer on this song is much greater than on any of the previews I’ve heard from the album.  Regardless, I went ahead and ordered it and will receive it whenever YesAsia decides to ship it to me.  (myspace)

Sorry For A Frog- “Just Grow Up! Just Be Strong!”

Honestly, I just wanted to have two bands named after a frog in a row.  They remind me of Ken Yokoyama, which is never a bad thing.  The song comes from their second album Happy Songs For Somebody’s Happiness.  Thanks guys, that was very sweet.  (myspace)

DALLAX- “Six Rude Boy Machinegun”

DALLAX may have been skanking up Japan for the past 10 years, but this is the first time their “Oi” graced my ears.  It’s just hard not to have fun to this kind of music.  Kudos on the faux Twister board stage.  (myspace)

Hawaiian6- “Brand New Dawn”

I normally don’t listen to Hawaiian6.  But I was mesmerized throughout the video for one reason: Yuta’s epic beard.  How many Japanese men do you see with beards?  Just saying. (myspace)

fade- “So Far Gone”

I’ve always been wary of Japanese bands that recruit a white boy for lead singer.  It just seems like a gimmick to me.  But no doubt about it, having a singer that can actually sing in English will increase their marketability in Japan by tenfold, even if he’s not a looker.  They actually don’t sound that far off from Christian bands RED or Switchfoot.  Their sound is undeniably western, a perfect fit for American radio-waves but will Japan dig it?   (myspace)

To better serve you, please choose your top 3 videos from this week:

One comment

  1. ar is win! =) I like their other new song, “Thank U bye bye Robin Hood” so much, I wrote about it myself. haha good timing and great taste as always =P

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