J-Rock Friday Vol. 62

January 13, 2012

First new J-Rock Fridays of the year and we’re already so behind!

ent- “Airwalker”

STRAIGHTENER fans, Atsuhi Horie is back with the full-length debut of his solo project ent. “Airwalker” takes over where Welcome Stranger left off, brilliant indie pop with some electronic glitch. I don’t know what the astronaut’s about but it’s giving me Doctor Who deja vu.

Asparagus- “Mend Our Minds”

Asparagus disappeared for a while but now they’re coming back with their fifth album in February. Standard concert video but it’s just good to hear from them again.

kindan no tasuuketsu- “Sweet Angel”

Kindan takes J-Pop back to the 50s with the obligatorily sweet “Sweet Angel.” Like a teenage girl on prom night.

soreizenni- 宴と日常

Nothing like a good hand-clapping song for the beach.

Black Borders- “M.M.F.I”

Watch out for the mines!

BIGMAMA- “until the blouse is buttoned up”

What a strange little video with floating pants and shirts. BIGMAMA, bring my wardrobe to life.

CLEAVE- “The Circle”

Great alternative rock music, sure enough.

THE→CHINA WIFE MOTORS- “baby alright”

Don’t worry, baby. The China Wife Motors are back in the motor city to play some of that rock and roll.

Sekaiteki Na Band- “Hello”

I have a soft spot for one word lyrics.

Tokyo Pinsalocks- “LU-LA Hallelujah”

The Pinsalocks are looking good in neon. Praise be!

NRQ- “Bostok”

NRQ mixes oriental and tropical music to a very pleasing effect.


Triple FACT

FACT got a little PV happy the past few weeks. All three videos come from FACT’s new album Burundanga released earlier this week. Instead of choosing a favorite, I’m just posting them all for you to pick.

FACT- “foss”

Awesome snowmobile action! I wish my car would drive that well in the snow…

FACT- “pink rolex”

“Where did you get that gold that I left behind?” If I had gold I wouldn’t be here. Directed by Maxilla for the PV nerds.

FACT- “polyrhythm winter”

Whereas “foss” and “pink rolex” were fun James Bond ready action flicks, “polyrhythm winter” reduces FACT to shadows while some girl runs through a colorful apocalyptic world. And then the world ends.


Band Links:

Asparagus: web, CD Japan

BIGMAMA: web, CD Japan

Black Borders: web, CD Japan


CLEAVE: web, CD Japan

ent: myspace, CD Japan

FACT: web, CD Japan

kindan no tasuketsu: tumblr

NRQ: myspace, CD Japan

Sekaiteki Na Band: myspace, CD Japan

soreizenni: myspace, CD Japan

tokyo pinsalocks: web, CD Japan

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr.

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