Stuff To Look Forward To, January 2012

January 18, 2012

I haven’t posted the bulk of my best of 2011 lists yet, but the show must go on. The first weeks of 2012 were slow, but  we got new BIGMAMA, ent, FACT, the pillows and a few best-of compilations this month.

1/10 Corona Sessions- Corona (CD Japan)

1/11 cali gari- 11 (CD Japan)

1/11 The ChronoHEAD- Supernova (CD Japan)

1/11 CLEAVE- The Circle EP (CD Japan)

1/11 Dir en grey- Uroboros Remastered and Expanded (CD Japan)

1/11 FACT- Burundanga (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/11 Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas- Just Awake. (CD Japan)

1/11 Gold & Saint- I Am You Are Me (CD Japan)

1/11 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Tsukema Tsukeru (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/11 Margaline- Let It Go

1/11 PLASTICZOOMS- Starbow (CD Japan)

1/11 shibuyamicrofuture- Sing A Song (CD Japan)

1/11 soreizenni- Jidai ni Requiem (CD Japan)

1/11 tokyo pinsalocks- Hallelujah Girls (CD Japan)

1/11 VA- Catch All Your Stuff 4 (CD Japan)

1/17 JAWEYE- Binary Monolith (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/18 the arounds- Paint It White (CD Japan)

1/18 Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Best Hit AKG (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/18 Bump of Chicken- Good Luck (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/18 The Cro-magons- Ace Rocker (CD Japan)

1/18 Flatliners- Huun na Hito (CD Japan)

1/18 GOOD4NOTHING- Greatest Hits (CD Japan)

1/18 GOOD4NOTHING- Right Now (CD Japan)

1/18 Hello Sleepwalkers- Majiru Yoru: Nemurasenai Wakusei (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/18 Hitsujitsuki- Closet Classic (CD Japan)

1/18 Katte ni Shiyagare- Indies Best “Silver & Gold – Silver 1997-2003” (CD Japan)

1/18 Katte ni Shiyagare- Melody (CD Japan)

1/18 Kudanz- Programs (CD Japan)

1/18 Light Bringer- Genesis (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/18 Loudness- LOUDNESS Best Tracks – Columbia Years – (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/18 Laid Back Ocean- Bifrost (CD Japan)

1/18 Loof- Miniature Garden (CD Japan)

1/18 People In The Box- Citizen Soul (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/18 Phono Tones- Phono Tones Has Come! (CD Japan)

1/18 the pillows- Trial (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/18 Rayons- After the noise is gone (CD Japan)

1/18 Saboten- this is a pen! (CD Japan)

1/18 Scott Goes For- Scott Goes For (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/18 Sekai Tekina Band- SEKAITEKINABAND (CD Japan)

1/18 Skirt no Naka- Chikotan (CD Japan)

1/18 The Strikers- Screaming Youth (CD Japan)

1/18 tacica- newsong e.p. (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/18 TOTALFAT- Good Bye, Good Luck (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/18 Tokyo Jihen- Color Bars (CD Japan)

1/18 VA- Punk Goes Pop 4 (CD Japan)

1/18 VA- Zest For Living Vol. 2 (CD Japan)

1/25 Ayabie- Merry-go-round (CD Japan)

1/25 BIGMAMA- Kimi ga Mata Blouse no Button wo Tomeru made (CD Japan)

1/25 ent- Entish (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/25 eREC-T-Rick- (plug) Inside-Out (CD Japan)

1/25 Galileo Galilei- Portal (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/25 Galneryus- Kizuna (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/25 Hemenway- By My Side (CD Japan)

1/25 Last Alliance- Complete Single Collection (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/25 The Mirraz- Iitaikoto wa Nakunatta (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/25 NRQ- Noman’s Land (CD Japan)

1/18 Peridots- Follow the Stars (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/25 Taiji at THE BONNET- Rock Star Wars (CD Japan)

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