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J-Rock Friday Vol. 62

January 13, 2012

First new J-Rock Fridays of the year and we’re already so behind!

ent- “Airwalker”

STRAIGHTENER fans, Atsuhi Horie is back with the full-length debut of his solo project ent. “Airwalker” takes over where Welcome Stranger left off, brilliant indie pop with some electronic glitch. I don’t know what the astronaut’s about but it’s giving me Doctor Who deja vu.

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n5MD signs ent

December 18, 2009

Californian indie label n5MD will release ent’s debut album Welcome Stranger in the US/worldwide in 2010.  The US release will contain all 7 songs from the Japanese release plus 3 remixes.  Ent is the solo project of Atsushi Horie, frontman of STRAIGHTENER and FULLARMOR.

Welcome Stranger was originally released in February 2009 by Preco Records.  The album, 3 years in the making, was a more personal and sentimental journey for Atsushi.  Heavily influenced by electronics and post-rock, Atsushi combined these elements with pop sensibilities from his other projects.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 2

September 4, 2009

Dutifully, here is the second installment of J-Rock Fridays.  This week we have two ambient artists from Preco Records, a screamo band, my favorite electronic song ever, and a flamboyant K-Pop artist.

ent- “Silver Moment”

A neat little stop-motion/animated video starring the one man band known as ent.  A mix of electronica, rock, and very decent English vocals.  I was surprised to find out that ent is actually Atsuhi Horie, the vocalist of STRAIGHTENER.  I never really liked them, but what I’ve heard from ent is marvelous.  Ent’s debut album Welcome Stranger is available to order from Preco Records.  I’ll definitely pick this up soon.

Pine*am- “Gymnopedie 0.1”

This may or may not be a strange vocal interpretation of Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie compositions.  I pulled out my copy of Pull The Rabbit Ears, but it doesn’t say a damn thing.  All I know is that this song makes me happy sad and makes me want to dance around my room.  It’s a fun song, but such a downer compared to the rest of the hyper happy songs on the album.  I guess that’s why I like it.  Enjoy the mp3.

For the anime fans: Makota Shinkai (Voices of a Distant Star, 5 Centimeters Per Second) used Satie’s original Gymnopedie 1.0 in his short Other Worlds.

when the leaf seared- “My Flight In the Midnight”

When the leaf seared is just one of many awesome screamo bands on Theory & Practice Records.  The video is very stylish, not unlike the look and sound of Underoath or whatever hard bands the cool kids are listening to these days. But I really do love the screaming in this song.

fredricson- “Eyeme”

This is the type of video electronic stores play on loop to display their HD TVs.  The animation matches well with the ambient-electronic song, which is not so fun to listen to in itself. This is the second Preco Records artist this week.  They just released his debut album MISC in July.

G-DRAGON- “Heartbreaker”

All I’m going to say is major LOL.

Well, that’s all I got for this week.  I’ll be back 2 weeks from now.  But I’ll have a few more posts up before that hopefully 🙂