J-Rock Fridays Vol. 76

July 27, 2012

Here we go again!

Sawagi- “Kyakkya”

Sawagi scores another point for the instrumental/post rock scene this month.  “Kyakkya” brings Sawagi’s Korgs to outer space but it all sounds more like a trip to Disneyland in the end.


The Tumblr kids were very excited to hear new VELTPUNCH, even though it’s just one of the new songs on their gold album greatest hits CD. VELTPUNCH celebrates their 15th anniversary with rocking good times on the beach.

Welcome Toxicity- “My Chick!”

Any worries Toxicity was a System of a Down reference were quickly dispelled by those first sweet electropop notes. This chick’s got a weird sexy fashion sense and the rap made me laugh.

Nothing’s Carved In Stone- “Spirit Inspiration”

Hinata grew a mustache! Most exciting thing about this PV sadly, but the song holds it’s own.

BIGMAMA- “Mr. & Mrs. Balloon”

GEROCK! The sparkling water company found a new J-Rock band to tout their product. These scientists are filling balloons with water and somehow they soar to the heavens…well every band needs endorsement now and then.

Cantoy- “Samurai Girl”

Cantoy serves up samurai slices of punk rock with a little bit of thrash. Watch out for the blood splatters!

Heavy Claft- “Walk Again”

Punk rockers can find love too and Heavy Claft have a regular Bridezilla on their hands.

Kaminarigumo- “Ousama No Missile”

“The King’s Missile” is a song about hope that the vocalist wrote 9 years ago. Read the inspiring subtitles in English above, also in Arabic, Korean, French and of course Japanese.

bananafish- “Cinderella Hunter”

Teenage schoolgirls in uniforms. Scary! I think I found these guys when I was looking up the manga Banana Fish, which I still need to read.

younGSounds- “younGSounds no Disco”

The telephones aren’t the only younguns pining for disco. younGSounds has a great rock/rap sound with a soul chorus.

Ryoji & The Last Chords- “Here Comes the Weekend”

Here comes our new weekend anthem!


Band Links:

bananafish: web


Cantoy: web, CD Japan

Heavy Claft: web, CD Japan

Kaminarigumo: web, CD Japan

Nothing’s Carved In Stone: web, CD Japan

Ryoji & the Last Chords: myspace

Sawagi: web, CD Japan

VELTPUNCH: web, CD Japan

Welcome Toxicity: web

younGSounds: myspace, CD Japan

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!

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