J-Rock Fridays Vol. 92

March 8, 2013

New video Friday with some of your favorite J-Rock bands and quite a few new ones!

Nile Long- “Rush To the Groove”

Last year The Brixton Academy reformed themselves as Nile Long. Their first EP was a solid collection of 80s inspired synthpop, not a huge departure from TBA but a little bit more dance oriented. “Rush To the Groove” is the first single off their first album and although it’s certainly dance worthy it manages to be melancholic at the same time.

One OK Rock- “Clock Strikes”

One OK Rock switches from English to Japanese vocals seamlessly in yet another single that will dominate the J-Rock airwaves. You can find it along with the theme song to the Rurouni Kenshin movie on their new album Jinsei x Boku released this week

Bigmama- “Kimi Omou, Yue ni Ware Ari”

A serious song calls for a serious video and this is the most emo we’ve ever seen Bigmama. Tons of sad staring off into the distance closeups and the singer finally breaking down in front of a bouquet of roses. Dramatic, much?

Ogre You Asshole- “Flag (Alternate Version)”

After two lackluster albums, OYA decided to release a compilation of b-sides and reworkings of old songs. This new version of “Flag,” despite being shorter than the original, somehow manages to drag. At least there’s a cool fiddle!

Silhouette from the Skylit- “California Gurls”

We’re undeniable! Perfect Katy Perry cover from Silhouette from the Skylit’s first album released last year.

Gacharic Spin- “Ima Wo Ikiteru ~2013 Nen Haru~”

After an endless stream of DOLL$BOXX videos, it’s easy to forget that Gacharic Spin hasn’t released an album of their own. That changes this Spring and if we’re lucky we’ll get cute girl videos of every song on this album too!

Kameleo- “Sandwich Love”

Don’t you just love a visual rock band that subtitles their videos in English? It’s kind of weird that he’s singing this song from the viewpoint of a female office worker but I don’t think the target audience cares.

Brian the Sun- “Baked Plum Cake”

Those girls probably shouldn’t be wearing white if they’ve been eating plum cakes all day long… Luckily the band only had a taste.

T.C.L- “Dis the Power”

Kyono (Wagdug Futuristic Unity) joins up with The Mad Capsule Markets bandmate TORUxxx and a few other guys for a new hardcore band. Sometimes they have all three vocalists screaming at the same time!

T.S.R.T.S- “Veronica”

Oh, Veronica! You must be one special lady to have this poppy rock song named after you. Just be careful who you enter with in neon lighted rooms!

yojikとwanda- “Heisa Sa Re Teta”

A grainy ride through the country with yojik and wanda and the delightful steelpan of MC.sirafu. Is it Summer yet?


Band Links:

Bigmama: web, CD Japan

Brian the Sun: web, CD Japan

Gacharic Spin: web, CD Japan

Kameleo: web, CD Japan

Nile Long: web, CD Japan

Ogre You Asshole: web, CD Japan

One OK Rock: web, CD Japan

Silhouette from the Skylit: web, CD Japan

T.C.L: web, CD Japan

T.S.R.T.S: web, CD Japan

yojik and wanda: web, Jet Set

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!

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