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FACT goes viral, scene kids disappointed

February 12, 2009

Earlier this week, punk news website posted a link to  At the time, the viral website only contained the phrase “FACT OF LIFE.”  The letters A, F, and I were clickable, leading many to believe it was a teaser site for the new A.F.I. album.  Eventually, someone posted the link to FACT’s video “A Fact of Life” which was identical to the audio found in the letter “A.”  Mystery solved.

Or so we thought.  Yesterday, a new article was posted, “Who Could This Be?”  The Fact Of Life website was updated, clearly stating the band was FACT, a link to their YouTube video, and with the same image of the mask they wear on their myspace profile picture.  However, some people just don’t get it:

“I figured it was Davey Havok using autotune to hide his voice”

“Surely the vocals were altered a bit? so we couldnt figure out who it was?”

“Maybe this band “fact” is made up, and it really is some other band going waaaaaay over the top via viral marketing or whatev and the autotune is used to mask who the real voice is, and the masks really are hiding whoever’s face it is…and the person said he loves Fact and their split ep, maybe he’s working with them to cover their true identity up…”

“At first it seemed like AFI, it still could I be but I have no clue, the video was a little weird. I kind-of want to know who it is, it seems like one band then they add something and I get so lost, I wonder what will happen next.”

“Either Lost Prophets or 30 STM.
I’m guessing.”

It’s amazing how many people on the internet can’t read.  Having posted on that forum for several years, I can tell you this isn’t an isolated incident.  Not the brightest bushel in the barrel. It’s funny how they all loved this band when they though it was A.F.I. and now it’s “just a random Japanese band.”

Interestingly enough, when you sign up for FACT’s mailing list, you’ll get an email confirmation from Vagrant Records.  Does this mean they have a record deal in the States?  They’ll be touring America in March and April with Greeley Estates, Memphis May Fire, and iwrestledabearonce.

“A Fact of Life”