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Random J-Rock Updates #5

September 14, 2008

Hey guys.  I’m going to try to do these “news updates” more frequently.  I just started writing This Month in J-Rock: August 2008 (I know! Late again!) and it should be done by Friday.  I can tell you now that the column will include four album and six singles reviews.  Much less than last time but it was a short release month to begin with.

Electrico have two new songs on their myspace, “Soul Not Science” and “Hail To the Friends” from their new album We Satellites.  WHEN WILL THIS COME OUT IN AMERICA.

Asparagus uploaded a live video for “Dead Song.”

-Looks like BEAT CRUSADERS have a tribute album coming out!  They’re also contributing to the  tribute album for the legendary punk band Snuff.

-Clips from Zazen Boys’ 4th album are now streaming on Myspace.  I just downloaded the full album and it’s one of this year’s best.

-I added several new J-Rock links under Blogroll, including my BEAT CRUSADERS fansite in case you missed it.

-Filipino screamo act TYPECAST have posted a blog containing their 2008 Baybeats performance.

-If you were wondering what happened to Whence He Came, their myspace status is now “…is no more. Thank you all!” 😦

Asian Kung-Fu Generation will release their new album Surf Bungaku Kamakura on November 11.  This will be their second full-length album of the year.

Versailles have officially changed their name to Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- (how full of it are they?) for copyright reasons.  Their new single “Prince” can be downloaded for free at MaruMusic and HearJapan.

The Cherry Coke$ have a new album out.  How the @#$% did I miss that?


Noughts and Exes- Act One, Scene One

April 27, 2008

Is it too soon to say album of the year? I received my copy of noughts and exes’ Act One, Scene One yesterday and am just as floored as when I heard Joshua Wong’s first project, Whence He Came.  The music is a little more subdued than WHC with a mellow soft rock flavor.  My favorite tracks are “Breathe,” “Anything in You,” and “Flight Over Falling” among many others.  The album can be streamed on Virb and ordered at


Noughts and Exes signed?

September 12, 2007

Omerta Group Records has added Noughts and Exes’ “A Minor to a Major” to their myspace player.  Noughts and Exes is the side-project from Joshua Wong, the lead singer of Whence He Came. The song comes from their debut album Act One Scene One and is listed for a 2008 release.


the cool brag #1

March 11, 2007

My CD package from came in a day earlier than I expected.  Here’s a monument to the great Japanese music that is available domestically to American listeners.  I would’ve taken a picture of my grinning face but I don’t know how to work my sister’s digicam.  I’ll just let the guys in ELLEGARDEN do it for me.

Whence He Came- The Shorter Story 

ELLEGARDEN- Riot On the Grill 

Beat Crusaders- Howling Symphony of


WHENCE HE CAME- “The Shorter Story” available in the US!

February 24, 2007

Omerta Group Records are selling Whence He Came’s “The Shorter Story” on their webstore.  It’ll be on next week.