the cool brag #1

March 11, 2007

My CD package from Interpunk.com came in a day earlier than I expected.  Here’s a monument to the great Japanese music that is available domestically to American listeners.  I would’ve taken a picture of my grinning face but I don’t know how to work my sister’s digicam.  I’ll just let the guys in ELLEGARDEN do it for me.

Whence He Came- The Shorter Story 

ELLEGARDEN- Riot On the Grill 

Beat Crusaders- Howling Symphony of


  1. Hey i was just wondering, the Becr CD you ordered, was it the whole CD like with the case and the lyrics cause i just learned about that site and i want to order some CDs. thanks

  2. Yes, it’s in a case and has liner notes. The lyrics aren’t printed. There’s also another Beat Crusaders cd available on the website called “All You Can Eat.”

  3. what do you mean, the lyrics arent in there? I ordered the Cd in HMV and they were in there.

  4. Some cd booklets just don’t have lyrics printed. All it has is the tracklisting, production notes and pictures.

  5. I know that but i have the CD and it does have the lyrics in the booklet.

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