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Noughts and Exes- Act One, Scene One

April 27, 2008

Is it too soon to say album of the year? I received my copy of noughts and exes’ Act One, Scene One yesterday and am just as floored as when I heard Joshua Wong’s first project, Whence He Came.  The music is a little more subdued than WHC with a mellow soft rock flavor.  My favorite tracks are “Breathe,” “Anything in You,” and “Flight Over Falling” among many others.  The album can be streamed on Virb and ordered at


Noughts and Exes—a reason to flee…

October 9, 2007

Omerta Group Records has added a new Noughts and Exes track on their myspace, “A Reason To Flee.”  They have officially announced on myspace that they will be releasing Noughts and Exes debut album Act One Scene One early 2008.