J-Rock Fridays Vol. 66

March 9, 2012

Get your kicks on J-Rock 66.

Quattro- “Last Dance”

Quattro may have lost half their band to The Mirraz, but they’re back with a vengeance with their fourth-coming album.

kyojaku.- “tetsugakusya no ronpa”

An all-girl post-rock group? Hells yeah! Watch them rock out and then eat a pizza.

Borzoiq- “Freebird Hill”

First big supergroup of 2012 starring Lucy from LAZYgunsBRISKY and peeps from PLAGUES, TRICERATOPS and Jake stone garage.

recoride- 【星屑のmp3】

Did MP3s exist in the 80s? This retro video is a delight.

The Neatbeats- “Shakin’ The Night”

Shake all night with the classic rock and roll of The Neatbeats. Bonus points for the slicked back hair.

Horaizun Yamashita Takuhaibin- 「期待」

Oh, a funny dance video! A lot of smiling faces helping out Horaizun in this one, including the adorable mmm in the CAT sweatshirt.

the Canadian Club- “Firmament”

The Canadian Club is all over the place in this video. Biking through Japan, attending Broadway musicals. Better get home before it snows!

OverTheDogs- “Ai”

What do the dogs have on their minds? Butterflies and toe-tapping music!

[Champagne]- “Waitress, Waitress!”

What kind of delicious dish is that chef making? Whatever it is, it’s far more interesting than this pathetic talk-singing Champagne has going on.

Hardcore Fanclub- “We are all your side”

Why thank you, I do need some screaming punks on my side.

Wasureranneyo- “Wasureranneyo”

I hear the restroom is the perfect place for band practice. The way the acoustics bounce off the urinals is uncanny.


Band Links:

Borzoiq: web, CD Japan

the Canadian Club: web, CD Japan

[Champagne]: web, CD Japan

Hardcore Fanclub: web, CD Japan

Horaizun Yamashita Takuhaibin: web, Jet Set

kyojaku.: myspace

The Neatbeats: web, CD Japan

OverTheDogs: web, CD Japan

Quattro: web, CD Japan

recoride: web, CD Japan

Wasureranneyo: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!


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