J-Rock Fridays Vol. 67

March 23, 2012

12 new videos for the 12 districts of Panem. May the odds be ever in your favor lol!

Phono Tones- “The World Is Yours”

Did you know Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s drummer has an instrumental side project? Here’s their first PV starring a bunch of cute cats!

LITE- “Bond”

While we’re on the topic of instrumental bands, here’s the new LITE. I wish they would’ve chosen one of the Caroline Lufkin vocal tracks but I guess I’ll just have to get the EP.

Peelander-Z- “Star Bowling”

Hey, I thought that children’s album was a one and done? “Star Bowling” is a very different Peelander-Z track. I thought I was listening to Polysics when I heard those keyboards. Also, when was Peelander Black a thing?

yEAN- “11010”

The sunset makes yEAN’s friends float in the air! Better play that synth louder to get them down.

FC FiVE- “The End of the Final Countdown / Evolve”

It’s a shame FC FiVE’s first appearance on J-Rock Fridays will also be their last. I’ll have to do some kind of roundup for all the great bands we lost this year (and there is A LOT).


ivory7 chord- “Bloom for 3 days”

Crawl, don’t walk to the woods. It may take you 3 days but ivory7 chord will be waiting for you.

Tokyo Karan Koron- “X Game”

Tokyo Karan Koron comes up with a variety of games to play with a banana peel and a flower pot. What a funny girl.

plenty- “Kaze No Fuku Machi”

There are plenty of treasures in this windy town. Let’s just hope the pollution doesn’t kill off that giant flying whale.

Bertoia- “Snow Slide”

I thought you had to be a child to go to Narnia? Bertoia’s lady got in just fine. Awesome shoegaze and costumes.

Haushinka- 月光

It’s barely Spring and I already miss the snow. I’m not used to mosquitoes in March!

Sandy Beach Surf Coaster- “S.O.S.”

SOS! SBSF recorded a new song for their “best of” indies compilation. I guess that means they’re going major?

The Suzan- “Ha Ha Ha”

New PV for my favorite track off The Suzan’s 2010 album. A cringe-worthy thought popped in my head while I was watching those American girls dance. What if one of The Suzan’s songs made its way onto Glee? “Devils” backing vocalist Lykke Li and labelmates Duck Sauce already have. It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility…


Who will win the Hunger Games? The girl who went to Narnia? Cuddly cats? Let’s have fun with flower pots? Vote as much as you want and visit us at Tumblr for next week’s tributes.

Band Links:

Bertoia: web, bandcamp

FC FiVE: web, CD Japan

Haushinka: web, Amazon

ivory7 chord: web, CD Japan

LITE: web, CD Japan

Peelander-Z: web, Amazon

Phono Tones: web, CD Japan

plenty: web, CD Japan

Sandy Beach Surf Coaster: web, CD Japan

The Suzan: myspace, Amazon, CD Japan

Tokyo Karan Koron: web, CD Japan

yEAN: web, CD Japan


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