Stuff To Look Forward To, March 2012

March 26, 2012

This is probably too late for anyone to care, but I finally had time to finish it and why should I delete hours of work. Capsule!

3/01 Haushinka- Wayah!! (Amazon)

3/02 Shit Happening- Sing

3/05 ONINKO!- ニュー ONINKO! (Jet Set)

3/07 ammoflight- Sakura Graffiti (CD Japan)

3/07 Apoptosis- Street Ask (CD Japan)

3/07 Baby Metal x Kiba of Akiba (CD Japan)

3/07 The Back Horn- Sirius (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/07 capsule- Stereo Worxxx (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/07 Curly Giraffe- Flehmen (CD Japan)

3/07 Guitar Panda- Rockin’ In The World (CD Japan)

3/07 HY- Parade (CD Japan)

3/07 Itsue- Ikutsumono E (CD Japan)

3/07 KIDS- L to L (CD Japan)

3/07 kyojaku.- 孤高の画壇

3/07 MUCC- Nirvana (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/07 OLDCODEX- Cold Hands (CD Japan)

3/07 Paionia- Sayounara Paionia (CD Japan)

3/07 Quattro- 4 (CD Japan)

3/07 Ryo Hamamoto & The Wetland- ST (CD Japan)

3/07 Sakura Merry Men- Qucarium (CD Japan)

3/07 The Slut Banks- Chikuro (CD Japan)

3/07 Urbangarde- Umaretemitai (CD Japan)

3/07 Wasureranneyo- ST (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/11 Egnish- The World (CD Japan)

3/11 suzumoku- Sanagi (CD Japan)

3/14 A- Night of the Knights (CD Japan)

3/14 Borzoiq- ST (CD Japan)

3/14 folk squat- ST (CD Japan)

3/14 Mowmow Lulu Gyaban- Boku wa Kurayami de Hotobashiru Inochi, Wakasa wo Sakebu (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/14 Nacano- Night Rider

3/14 New House- Burning Ship Fractal (CD Japan)

3/14 OverTheDogs- To Iu, Mono ga, Aru Nara (CD Japan)

3/14 The Twisted Harbor Town- This Story Is Not About The Others (CD Japan)

3/14 YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz- 1 (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/21 Acid Black Cherry- 2012 (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/21 the audio pool- in the pool (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/21 Clammbon- 3peace2 (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/21 The Collectors- Welcome to the Flower Fields and the Mushroom Kingdom (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/21 Gekko Green- Apollo 11 (CD Japan)

3/21 J (from Luna Sea)- On Fire (CD Japan)

3/21 Kazuyoshi Nakamura- 100s (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/21 Kohei Dojima- A.C.E. (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/21 Kuroneko Chelsea- Neko Pack 2 (CD Japan)

3/21 LITE- past, present, future (CD Japan)

3/21 Pop Chocolat- Transit (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/21 The Prisoner- Believe (CD Japan)

3/21 Rock’a’Trench- Greatest Days (CD Japan)

3/21 STUDS- Dream (CD Japan)

3/21 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra- Walikin’ (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/21 VA- Crue-L Cafe (CD Japan)

3/27 Bimbeers- 54 Rock (CD Japan)

3/27 Blue Sugar Spirits- Alive (CD Japan)

3/27 MiVK- Searching For a Starland (CD Japan)

3/28 ALTKEY- Re:Colors 00’s covers collection (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/28 brute in forest- Cycle of Seasons (CD Japan)

3/28 Go!Go!7188- Last Live (CD Japan)

3/28 Hardcore Fanclub- “For Dear Life (CD Japan

3/28 Heavenstamp- Decadence (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/28 sakanaction- SAKANAQUARIUM DVD (CD Japan, Play-Asia)


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