J-Rock Fridays Vol. 108 End

August 23, 2013

This is it. After 4 years I’m letting J-Rock Fridays go. My warnings were not heeded and it’s time to move on. Starting next week I will start making individual video posts. Stick around, won’t you?

Arukara- 名探偵ミスタ相棒はジョニー

Arukara and their baskerville hound embark on a good old fashioned murder mystery. Do they catch the killer? I honestly have no idea but it’s cool watching them rock out in Sherlock Holmes attire.

tricot- “Oyasumi”

Hey, batter batter! Watch tricot’s lead vocalist strike out a hundred times while her bandmates cover the bases. This may take all night but keep at it, girl.

Frontier Backyard- “Picture of the Sun”

Say goodbye to cloudy days and drive on up the coast for some picture perfect scenery in Frontier’s backyard.

girugamesh- “Incomplete”

“Incomplete” starts off with the band tied in handcuffs surrounded by cameras. This isn’t a weird sex video, though. They break out pretty fairly easily and then film an obligatory desert video.

Crossfaith- “Hounds of the Apocalypse”

Discover just how filthy Crossfaith’s lyrics are in this lyric video of the apocalypse. I bet all the Christian bands they’ve toured and collaborated with feel foolish now.

Keen Monkey Work- “Banana Ducha”

Banana! Banana! Banana! A silly song about bananas by monkey men is exactly what I needed this week.

Sister Jet- “Fake L.A.”

America is all Taco Bells and Red Bulls to Sister Jet. Hmph! Maybe I’d take you more seriously if you didn’t say “FU USA” over and over.

Yucca- “Summer Emotion”

Summer is over and Yucca has provided an appropriate wistful tune of summery sounds. Good night and good luck!


Band Links

Arukara: web, CD Japan

Crossfaith: web, Amazon, CD Japan

Frontier Backyard: web, CD Japan

girugamesh: web, CD Japan

Keen Monkey Work: web, download

Sister Jet: web, CD Japan

tricot: web, CD Japan

Yucca: web, download

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